I love working with companies who are making great products. There are many ways we can work together!

1. Recipe Development. I’ve been developing recipes for the home cook for over four years now. We can work together to create a unique set of recipes that will highlight how your product can be used in the home kitchen.

2. Food Photography. I focus on making food look good. I would love to work with you on any large or small projects you need. I shoot most photos in my home studio.

3. Sponsored Posts. If you have a product that you think would be appealing to the Macheesmo readership, I can use it in a post to show it off.

4. Blog Sponsorship. Companies can sponsor Macheesmo and receive a number of prominent benefits. Contact me for more information.

5. Brand Development. If you are looking for a blogger to help you represent your brand, I can help. This could include blog posts, social media promotion, or travel opportunities.

6. Freelance Writing. I am an experienced writer and can craft professional publications for your company. Whether it is online or in print, let me help you get the word out about your products.

I am happy to brainstorm and come up with other ways we can work together. Please contact me to get the ball rolling.

Macheesmo is written, edited, and maintained by me, Nick Evans.  I am occasionally compensated to provide my opinion on products. Rest assured, I will always be honest about my experience with the product and will always prominently disclose any paid relationships I have within posts.