Happy Two Years to Me!


Happy Two Years to Me!

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This is kind of wild to say, but two years ago exactly I posted my first post on Macheesmo. Looking back through my archives I then apparently took 11 days off to prepare for my second post on Macheesmo. I have no idea why it took me 11 days to make some freakin’ pork chops.

Anyway, these last two years have been awesome. I’ve met a ton of great people that I truly consider to be my friends, even though some of them I’ve never met in person. I’ve developed a food blog rivalry. I’ve written a book! I’ve written over 600 freakin’ posts that almost half a million people have read (!).

That’s frightening to me.

But seriously, allow me to gush for a second and say thanks to all of you who email me and comment on posts and read Macheesmo every freakin’ day. I have huge reader crushes on you all.

Like I did last year, I figured I would do a quick year in review type thing and pick my favorite recipe for every month in the last year.

So here it goes!

September 2009: Macheesmo Mud. This might be the recipe that I’ve made the most in the last year. Betsy and I will have this for dinner sometimes which is gross and awesome at the same time.

October 2009: Bloody Worms of Doom.This was a tough call, but given that it’s Halloween season I had to go with the worms. These were a blast to make and were really realistic looking.

November 2009: Homemade Coffee Liquor. I’m considering making a huge batch of this stuff this year and giving it out for Christmas presents. Don’t you wish we were related?

December 2009: Tater Tots. How could I not pick these? If there’s a better use for leftover mashed potatoes, I sure haven’t found it.

January 2010: Greek Nachos. These are a cool twist on a standard nacho recipe. The pita chips instead of tortilla chips kind of take it to another level.

February 2010: Spanakopizza. So I came up with this idea and figured that it had to have been done before. And I was right. Rachel Ray did it. Mine’s better though.

March 2010: Carnitas.Some of the best tacos I’ve ever made. Also I won an epic 5 hour game of Risk that night.

April 2010: Strawberry Pop Tarts.I noticed last week that I somehow still have one of these in my freezer. I bet it’s still pretty good.

May 2010: Roy G. Biv Smoothies. So this was kind of a joke post but a few of the smoothies turned out to be really good actually! I also learned that there are no truly blue foods in the world.

June 2010: Super Tomato Risotto. I could eat my own weight in this stuff. ‘Nuff said.

July 2010: Coffee Coffee Cake. It’s a coffee cake. Made of coffee. See what I did there?

August 2010: The Beet Burger. This had to make the list because A) it was pretty good and B) I received the most ridicule ever for it.

So there ya go! A year of my favorite posts. I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for this long, but I’m really excited to see what the next year brings.

I hope you all stick along for the ride!

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Nick! I love your blog, and I read it all the time, even if I have no time to respond. I have even used some of your recipes at work for the family meals, and they have always gone off with a bang! One example is your Mojo Chicken. Money! Here is to a LOT more years!

  2. Happy anniversary! I really have enjoyed your writing and recipes over the past 2 years. I have made many things, but the family all time favorite was "Celebration Bread". I also love 55 Knives. Thanks for everything!

  3. Yay, congrats and happy anniversary! Fun fact for you: yours was the very first blog I ever subscribed to on Google Reader, back when I was still figuring out how to use Google Reader (or any feed reader, for that matter). I found you on Stumble one day, and I've been reading ever since! Keep up the good work… you've definitely been an inspiration!

    btw, Google says your site may be infected with malware… I came on over, anyway, but thought you should know, lest that warning keep away any other potential readers.

    1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for the heads up. I think I hopefully fixed it… might take a few days to propagate though.

      Have no fear… there is no shady stuff going on here ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I've been lurking and stalking via Google Reader, but I have loved every post. Keep giving us the good stuff, and we'll keep coming back for more! lol :)

  5. I have been reading your blog for a while, but never commented ( I'm not sure why, but I'm glad I am now!) and anyway, your blog is fantastic! It is an innovative, healthy, and sometimes guilty pleasure treasure trove of recipes, for all my different food cravings. Keep up the awesome awesome work!!

    Also, I never read your coffee liquor post, but as I have just started working at a well known coffee company that will not be named, I will definitely be making this with the discounted coffee I get!!

  6. of you know what i'm going to say, i say it alllll the time: YOU ROCK. lol

    happy frigging blogbirthday.

    you were one of my top inspirations to get into blogging. yep you. so thank you for being so creative with food recipes.

    we need more bloggers like you rocking this blogosphere.

    and we need 55 part 2! lol

  7. of course you know what i'm going to say, i say it alllll the time: YOU ROCK. lol

    happy frigging blogbirthday.

    you were one of my top inspirations to get into blogging. yep you. so thank you for being so creative with food recipes.

    we need more bloggers like you rocking this blogosphere.

    and we need 55 part 2! lol

  8. I have been coming here for about sic months and my family eats better because of it. Thanks for your work.

  9. Double happiness to you and double more for the next two years.

    keep up the wonderful work you do.

  10. Happy anniversary, Nick! I love your food blog, even though I swear I've gained weight just reading it :) Here's to another two years times 10 …. or more :)

  11. Bravo, Nick. Whenever people ask me how I learned to cook, I always tell them, "I lived in South Dakota for three years, so I had to figure out how to avoid the gas station deli on a regular basis. But my college friend writes a sweet food blog that's super accessible, too – check out macheesmo.com!"

  12. Happy 2nd birthday! You're well on your way, jolly good fellow! I can't imagine a more momentous (outside of writing cookbooks!) occassion. =)

  13. Congratulations Nick – it is amazing how one things leads to another – great stuff! Hopefully we will meet one day when you have your book signing in Cape Town ;-)

  14. Love your site, Nick. Even if I don't get around to making everything you post, I at least think about making just about all of your recipes. Thanks for a great blog.

  15. yours is one of my favorites, and I'm happy you most much more frequently than every 11 days. :) happy happy, and keep up the good work!

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