Happy Turkey Day!

No new post today everyone. Macheesmo needs holidays also!

I’m probably right smack in the middle of cooking a brined turkey and working on a few sides. I’m a bit nervous because I’m in charge of the main dish at Betsy’s family’s house this year… so wish me luck!

Or if you’re reading this in the afternoon, I’m probably curled up in a ball of comfort on the couch watching football.

Either way, I hope everyone is having a great holiday with friends and family!

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  1. Hi! I go to Georgetown with Betsy and am in the CJ Clinic with her. She told me about your blog a few days ago. I love it!!! She may have told you, because I told her. I am so pumped to use my new KicthenAid mixer (I saw you got one recently too) to make some of your recipes!!

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