Happy Thankgivukkah!

I realize that the big day isn’t until tomorrow, but I’m going to be busy busy in the kitchen so I just wanted to write and wish everyone a very happy Thanksgivukkah!

We are having a smaller turkey day this year, but I’m still cooking up a storm. Here’s my menu if you need any last minute ideas!

My Macheesmo Menu

Turkey: I’m brining mine using my apple cider brine. Guaranteed good turkey! It does take some extra prep, but if you have the time, brining is the only way to go.

Gravy: I’m a classic gravy guy. Nothing fancy here. I cook the giblets from the turkey separately and boil them to make a stock, then use that stock with the turkey drippings to make my brown gravy.

Rolls: Gotta have rolls! This year I’m remaking the sweet potato parker rolls I made last year!

Cranberry Sauce: Cranberry sauce is my favorite part of the meal. I don’t really have a recipe for what I normally do, but I like to roast the cranberries so they caramelize a bit and then I mix them with some sugar, orange juice and zest, and call it a day.

Stuffing: I’ve tried probably a half dozen to a dozen stuffing recipes over the years and my friend Marquis’s stuffing is still the best I’ve ever had. It’ll be on my table.

Onions and Chestnuts: This is a new dish for me this year, but I saw it and had to add it to the menu. You can find the recipe here at the bitten word.

Mashed Potatoes: Nothing fancy here! My Mother-in-Law always handles these and makes some mean mashed potatoes. I’m sure she uses ZERO butter…

Some Sort of Veggie or Salad: Undecided as of yet, but I like to have at least some sort of green or salad on the table. If I’m feeling feisty, I might try this kale and farro salad.

PIE: Betsy suggested that we possibly didn’t need a pie this year and I spit beer all over the place. OF COURSE WE NEED PIE! I’ll probably do a classic pumpkin version, but might also do a raspberry cream one…

Have a Great Holiday

I hope everyone has an excellent holiday and relaxing weekend. I’m taking the rest of the week off from posting, but I’ll be back on Monday!


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  1. My husband saw my grocery list for these ingredients and he complained,” too many ingredients, too expensive, too much time involved” When he tasted it he was so glad we fixed ours this way, one problem, I should have purchased a larger bird or two birds. It was very good thanks Nick.

    1. Ha! Nice cindy. To be honest, I sometimes don’t include everything in the brine as some of the ingredients are really exotic. The important stuff is the cider, the sugar, the soy sauce, and the salt. Everything else is just bonus. :)

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