Happy Holiday Weekend


Happy Holiday Weekend

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It’s a huge holiday weekend here in the US and if you are celebrating I hope you have some fun plans!

I’ll be celebrating the weekend with my family and few friends.

We kicked off the weekend a bit early with my son losing his first tooth. He actually wanted me to yank it so I did my Dad-duty and yanked it right out! He was super proud of it, but then a little disappointed when the Tooth Fairy only brought him TWO dollars because he knows some kids that the Fairy brought 20 dollars.

Get it together Tooth Fairy!

Here’s what else we are up to!

Hiking! We are going on two hikes this weekend including a very rare solo hike without children to do a Colorado 14er mountain! I probably won’t be able to help but post a photo from the summit on the old Instagram.

BBQ! We are keeping it pretty casual with the cooking this weekend, but I am going to be making a big batch of my summer burger mix and using it to, well, make delicious burgers!

Backyard Play! After living in our remodeled house for eight months, we FINALLY got around to fixing up the backyard and restoring it from a mud-pit construction site.

We actually went with artificial turf for it! I could write a whole post on the process of choosing turf, but I’m really happy with how it turned out! Our very tiny little city backyard is pretty functional!

Have a great holiday weekend everybody!

Drop a line in the comments if you are cooking anything delicious!

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  1. I’d love to hear about your turf choice! Do you post about house reno stuff anywhere? I haven’t looked, sorry haha.

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