Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

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It’s always nice when Halloween falls on a weekend.

Betsy and I aren’t really dressing up this year, but we’re gonna put Porter in his favorite hot dog costume and hand candy out to neighborhood kids. We are hoping to get a lot of visitors now that we have a house in an established neighborhood.

It’ll be a great chance to meet some new neighbors hopefully!

Cookbook Week!

Get excited. Next week is cookbook week on Macheesmo! Every day of the week next week (monday-Friday) I’ll be reviewing a different cookbook, making a recipe from that book, and giving away lots of copies!

The Links

Fall Roast – It’s that time of year that I really look forward to making a nice oven roast. Roasts are simple to make and just good, hearty food. This one with chicken and leeks caught my eye. (@ Milk and Mode)

Turmeric Pumpkin Seeds – I always like to a make a big bowl of toasted pumpkin seeds during Halloween. It’s a healthy snack and usually works to keep me away from the candy bowl (mostly). (@ Summer Tomato)

Ultimate From-Scratch PB&J – Make the bread? Check. Make the Peanut butter? Check. Make the Jelly? Check. Delicious sandwich alert? Check. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Baked Oatmeal with Figs – I’m a huge baked oatmeal fan and this version with figs and pecans looks perfect for this time of year. Weekend breakfast? (@ The Kitchn)

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe for Halloween!

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