Guess The Food: Made With Honey!


Guess The Food: Made With Honey!

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Here’s a tip to help you decipher food labels in stores… If the label prominently says something like this: Made with Real Honey.

It’s probably not a lie. But I can pretty much promise that the ingredient they are touting is not first on the list of ingredients.

The funny thing about this particular “food” is that it tastes nothing like honey. It’s not supposed to taste like honey. The company is just trying to cash in on the fact that people see honey as somehow better for you than sugar.

So they put a small amount of honey in their recipe of mostly sugar and stick it on the shelves!

The question, of course, is not whether this stuff is good for you or not. The question is if you know what it is!

The Nutrition


Well, this nutrition fact panel is about as easy as it gets.

First and foremost, with 19 of these guys per serving, they are probably on the small side. They are under 10 calories a piece!

Out of the 39 grams per serving size, 32 of the grams are sugar.

It’s pretty much just straight sugar. There’s no way to know how much of that sugar is from honey, but no matter how you slice it, this stuff is just huge pieces of sugar.

The Ingredients

Here’s the wonderful list of ingredients for your pleasure!


These will be pretty easy to run through.

Sugar – Just plain old sugar. Nothing fancy here.

Corn Syrup – A sweetener but also used to thicken and smooth out the texture in foods.

Confectioner’s Glaze – I think this stuff is also known as pharmaceutical glaze which is made from an insect. It is used to preserve moisture and flavor in foods.

Salt – Just plain old salt.

Honey – Finally! The ingredient they touted. The important thing to note is that, by weight, there is more salt in this food than honey. SO yea… there isn’t much honey.

Dextrose – More sugar and a thickener!

Artificial Flavor – Who the heck knows what this means. When I eat one of these I think it just tastes like sugar.

Gelatin – Made from collagen from various animal products, this stuff turns liquids into solids basically. This plus the confectioner’s glaze makes this food definitely not vegetarian friendly.

Titanium Dioxide Color – Basically food coloring. Guess what color? WHITE.

Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Red 3, Blue 1 – All food colorings. Simple enough.

Sesame Oil – I found this interesting. I have no idea why they use sesame oil as it is pretty expensive, but whatever.

Guess the Food?

Do you have any ideas what this “made with honey” food could be? Leave a comment!


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  1. Candy corn! I’ve noticed that ridiculous “made with honey” label on their packages. I actually like the things, but they’re a sometime food for sure.

  2. The consumer has to be careful not to be fooled …. Here in Brazil, we have real honey produced artistically, but health rules favor large apiaries. Under the law, the honey must have certain sweetness, the honey bee and stingless are prohibited. The legislation is based on the physical-chemical standards of foreign honey produced by bees (Apis mellifera and Apis mellifera.

  3. I was going to say gummy bears, but seeing the candy corn answers makes me realized that’s what it is.

  4. Just to be different I’m going to guess the candy corn pumpkins – I know I’ve seen the ‘made with honey’ label on those

  5. I think candy corn as well….but another trigger for me is the fact that one of my best friends is seriously allergic to sesame. She LOVES candy corn and for years it’s been her favorite treat, but she learned they had just to add that (in 2011 I think), BUT the company didn’t have an allergy marking on it that it was a new addition….wonder why they had to add that.

    1. Yea… I wish I knew why they had to include that. Seems like a weird ingredient for candy… But yes. It’s Candy corn. :)

  6. This explains why in our family, we have an age old term for how you feel after having eaten corn candy. You know the feeling of “corn blight”. That term explains how you feel. To know how you look, put a nice row of the candy point up, between your upper lip and gum. Nice teeth! It is a win win.

  7. you know, I guessed it. At first I really didn’t think I could imagine what it was, but I just sent my daughter some candy corn b/c it is her first year at college and I am trying to stall those homesick moments. Yuck, I didn’t do her any favors. : )

  8. Actually, the new ‘honey’ products they sell in the honey bear shape are also sugar subs, and are sometimes ‘made with honey’. I would have believed you if the labeled turned out to be from the back of a ‘honey’ bear!

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