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Guess the Food: The Return!


Guess the Food: The Return!

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Long time Macheesmo readers might recall a semi-regular thing I would write called Guess the Food! In fact, you can read around two dozen of them in the Macheesmo Guess the Food Archives.

I’ve kind of been missing them and there are a whole slew of new foods on the shelves since I last did one, so I’m bringing it back!

As always, I’ll talk through the ingredients and nutritional facts and you leave a comment trying to GUESS THE FOOD! The winner gets nothing but a big helping of PRIDE.

Nutritional Facts

Guess the FOod

The nutritional facts panel on this food will tell you a lot actually. Most of the calories come from fat, but it has no Cholesterol. It has a fair amount of sodium for the small serving size, but nothing too crazy.

That’s really all there is too it. There’s no fiber, sugar, protein or vitamins to speak of.

That’s pretty much all you need to know on the nutrition!

The Ingredients

I found this ingredient list to be pretty interesting. Here’s the breakdown!

Canola Oil – About as boring as oil can get.

Water – Good old H2O.

Chipotle Puree – Spicy!

White Distilled Vinegar – So there’s more chipotle than vinegar.

Salt – Gotta have it.

Spices – Who knows…

Sugar – Nothing fancy

Garlic Puree – Huh… Not sure I’ve ever seen this on an ingredient panel before. Garlic mush!

Red Pepper Sauce – Looks a lot like Hot sauce to me.

Modified Food Starch – Standard thickener and emulsifier.

Pea Protein – The only reason I can think that this thing would have pea protein is as a thickening agent. It’s not enough to add any noticeable protein to the food though, based on the nutrition info.

Lemon Juice – Just a drop!

Fruit and Vegetable Juice (color) – Instead of artificial colors, I guess.

Calcium Disodium EDTA – A common preservative. There is some backlash on the Internet about this preservative, but it’s generally seen as safe in small doses. This is a very small dose.

Can You Guess the Food?

There’s not much there, or is there?!

16 Responses to “Guess the Food: The Return!” Leave a comment

  1. Some sort of Chipotle “romesco” sauce. If there are no eggs, then it isn’t “mayo”. Sure sounds like it might be YUMMY, however!

  2. BTW…I really like the fact that this has been “returned”! It gives us all a challenge, and I enjoy it! Keep it up.

  3. Think is bottled barbecue sauce,chipotle,vinegar,garlic.But ketchup or something tomato would be there as well.Maybe a meat marinade?

  4. I was thinking some type of chipotle salad dressing. Did not guess that it was emulsified, though!

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