Guess The Food: Protein Packed


Guess The Food: Protein Packed

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It’s time for another issue of one of my personal favorite segments on the blog: Guess the Food!

I’m really hoping to stump you all with this one although I’m always pleasantly surprised by how good some of you are at knowing what these are!

This one is tricky though.

Go forth… and GUESS THE FOOD!

Nutritional Info

We do get some interesting info in the nutritional panel that may help you all. Anytime I’m looking at nutritional panels, I always look for double digits. If a single serving of the food has double digit percentages than it’s either really good, or really bad, or both!

This panel has FIVE double digit nutritional values which is pretty intense. One serving of this food has 1/3 of your daily recommended fat intake and 1/4 of the saturated fat.

There’s also a decent amount of sodium in it.

That’s the bad stuff (although not terrible in my opinion).

So let’s look at the GOOD double digit facts. It has 12% of your recommended daily fiber. That’s pretty good. A bowl of oatmeal has 4g of fiber so it’s just under that.

Meanwhile it has a WHOPPING 20g of protein. HOLY PROTEIN! The same amount of ground beef as 16g of protein in it.

So it has some good and some bad, but a lot of everything. Ha!

The Ingredients

Okay. Let’s see what makes up this interesting one!

Pea Protein Isolate – Basically condensed protein. Great for people who need protein but have a soy allergy and are vegetarian/vegan. Also great in smoothies!

Expeller Pressed Canola Oil – Canola oil. This as ingredient number two explains the fat in the food.

Refined Coconut Oil – More oil, but this one is also delicious.

Water – Good old H2O.

Yeast Extract – A common way to add umami/savory flavors to foods and snacks. Also known as Marmite!

Maltodextrin – A very common food additive that can help thicken or make the food have a certain mouth feel. Can be slightly sweet or flavorless.

Natural Flavors – Pretty generic. Also this is normally much lower on the list of ingredients! Lots of flavors!

Gum Arabic – Basically the sap from a specific tree. It’s a great stabilizer used in a wide range of foods.

Sunflower Oil – More oil!

Salt – YUM! Good old salt.

Succinic Acid – This was a new one for me but can be used to give foods a slightly sour or umami flavor.

Acetic Acid – This plus the water earlier basically equals vinegar.

Non-GMO Modified Food Starch – A popular emulsifier and thickener in foods.

Cellulose From Bamboo – Adds a texture to food and can be a thickener. Your body can’t digest this.

Methylcellulose – A thickener and emulsifier. Can also help with constipation (bonus)!

Potato Starch – More starchy goodness.

Beet Juice Extract – RED juice.

Ascorbic Acid – Good old vitamin C.

Annatto Extract – Natural red food coloring.

Citrus Fruit Extract – I wasn’t able to find much on this but the label says they need it to maintain quality. So we’ll go with that.

Vegetable Glycerin – Last but not least! I have no idea why this would need a very tiny amount of this, but it’s slightly sweet and very common in many foods.

OKAY! PHEW. That was a long and strange list.

But the questions remains… can you GUESS THE FOOD?!!

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      1. Hey Larry! I work at Whole foods, and I tried these a few times. I think they’re tasty. They’re really oily and let off a lot of liquid when you cook them (kind of like beef does I guess) so it’s a little bit of a turn off, but they are delicious. I would recommend them. There are definitely healthier options out there though in my opinion.

  1. Thank you for the review, Cori. I appreciate it.I would assume the moisture loss would be the same as with beef.I can deal with that. Are the patties amenable to being flattened out to make them thinner?

    1. Hey Larry! I’m not sure you could actually. THey are pretty tough to work with out of the box. Maybe you could slice them longwise if you were really careful. I seared mine and then cut them into thirds and made little sliders to test out the burger. The texture was great once they were cooked. Flavor was different, but not in a bad way. Really savory. They are a bit pricy for two burgers, but the best veggie burger I’ve had in the store for sure.

  2. All of those who guessed the Beyond Meat burger got it right! here’s the packaging:

    On taste/flavor, I think they had a really great texture (I just pan seared mine). The texture was great. The flavor wasn’t like beef (which I don’t think was the goal), but it was really savory and would be great as a burger substitution. Definitely the best veggie burger I’ve had in store.

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