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Grilled Seafood Medley

Three delicious seafood items are grilled: lobster, clams, and salmon.


Grilled Seafood Medley

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I got invited over to my friend Rex’s house to do some grilling last weekend. Actually, the point of the trip was not just to grill but to also check out the bar he just finished in his basement.

When someone tells me that they built their own bar, I usually assume it’s gonna be a rickety thing made mostly of cardboard because that’s probably how my bar would look if I made it myself. Rex, however, is no slouch. His bar is made of beautifully stained wood. It has a resin-coated finish. It has foot stools. He even has his own MegaTouch.

Rex was going to grill some seafood and you guys conveniently voted for seafood. So we had a lot of seafood to grill.

Seafood is delicious grilled (what isn’t?) but it can be a bit tricky just because it’s a delicate subject. It can quickly become overcooked and then it gets chewy and not the best. A few quick tips to remember about grilling any seafood:

Seafood Grilling Tips

– Cook most fillets over medium heat. The hottest part of the grill will just burn them.
– Don’t leave the grill! Even big pieces (like the salmon below) only take a few minutes to cook through on the grill.
– Be careful if you’re using butter or oil to flavor the fish. Flare-ups can get nasty.
– Try to only turn the fish once if you can. If you turn it more than that it might break up on you.

Grilled Lobster Rolls

Ok. I’ll admit that a good amount of this post is all Rex, including these guys. I had definitely never grilled lobster before, but it turned out perfectly.

Wait… we’re gonna do what now?

Basically, just slice the lobster tails down the middle, brush them with some melted butter and throw them on the grill! You’re gonna want to keep an eye on these guys so they don’t burn!

grilling lobster

After about a minute, flip them over and brush with some more butter. You’ll know they are done when they turn a nice bright red color.

These are getting really close. I’d guess total cooking time was 2-3 minutes at the maximum.

Butter + grill = flames

These ended up in one of the better sandwiches I’ve had. I think I could’ve eaten about four of these.

For the full lobster roll recipe, check out Rex’s post.

lobster roll
I have no words for this sandwich.

Grilled Clams with Prosciutto

So this was my addition to the meal. I’ve been wanting to grill clams for awhile now basically because it’s one of the easiest ways to cook them.

Cleaning Clams

Anytime your cooking clams you need to clean them. Most people know this but it’s a good reminder. If you don’t clean them well, some of your clams will have some sand and grit in them which won’t kill you but will also not make for a perfect clam eating experience.

I know this because I didn’t do a very good job of cleaning this batch. I was in a rush and there were a few with some, umm, texture to them.

Basically, to clean them, just stick them in a big bowl of fresh water for 30 minutes to an hour and that should flush out most of the sand.

Once they are clean, the grilling process is really simple. Just throw them on a hot grill!

Attack of the clams!

Close the grill and after a few minutes they should open up. When they open, they’re done! Don’t overcook them or you’ll end up with a piece of rubber in a shell. Also, if any clams don’t open after 5 minutes or so, just throw them out. They aren’t good.

You could top these with cocktail sauce or just a spritz of lemon if you wanted. I added some bits of proscuitto to each clam which, in short, led to a flavor explosion.

grilled clams
Salty and delicious.

Rex and I ate I think about 30 of these. They were delicious.

Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa

Again a Rex concoction. I just took a few pictures to round out the grilled seafood medley experiment.

grilled salmon
One more seafood thing…

Rex has a good method for grilling salmon. Grill it skin side down last and then you can use a spatula to just lift off the flesh and leave the skin right on the grill.

If you’re adventurous (we were), you can flip the skin on the grill a few times and it’ll crisp up and form a salmon skin chip like what they serve in sushi rolls. Very delicious.

The fish itself can (and should) be served with this mango salsa situation. Again, for the full recipe, I direct you to Rex’s post.

good salmon
Not shabby for bar food…

See that last photo there? That’s the bar that he made. Definitely not cardboard!

If there’s one thing this grill session did for me, it cemented in my mind that I’m never living anywhere again where I can’t have a grill. They are just too amazing!

Hopefully, this seafood medley gave you some ideas for the next time you grill out!

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  1. @Lauren- they have megatouches for rather cheap on Craigslist. On another note, the clams were awesome. The flavor of the prosciutto and clam was awesome! You have to try this recipe. Thanks for coming over Nick. We will have to do it again sometime.

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