Good Food Glasses Launch!


Good Food Glasses Launch!

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I think everyone knows that you eat first with your eyes, right?! This isn’t a huge problem for food bloggers because we are constantly thinking about how food looks, but for the average home cook, this is a big struggle.

I’ve been working for the last year on a SECRET project that I’m finally announcing today on KICKSTARTER.

The thing I’ve been working on is the GOOD FOOD GLASSES!

It’s pretty cool smart tech, but basically the glasses are bluetooth and wifi enabled. They instantly scan whatever crappy dish you made, find photos of that dish cooked successfully on Pinterest, and then overlay the successful version on top so you see the deliciousness even if you still have eat the messed up version!

Want an example?!

Say you burned a grilled cheese sandwich. We’ve all been there right? You know this is gonna taste like charred cardboard right?


But what if you could look at a delicious grilled cheese WHILE you were eating your charred version? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

Just slap on the GOOD FOOD GLASSES and bam. Instant FIX!

You would never know you screwed it up (until you taste it, of course).


While you eat it, you’ll be treated to the best looking grilled cheese with perfectly toasted bread and gooey melted cheddar.


Of course, the luxury of looking at delicious food while you eat isn’t cheap. These glasses are the best of the best and will probably retail for $100-$200 depending on how delicious you want the food to look.

In any event, I’m hoping to raise $100,000 to make these happen! I NEED YOUR HELP!


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  1. This is eerily similar to the visors the prisoners had to wear in Silo when cleaning the window lenses. :-D

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