Four DIY Takeout Videos!

Four of my DIY Takeout videos featured on!


Four DIY Takeout Videos!

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A few months ago I started doing a video series with a local Denver publication called Westword. The series is called DIY Takeout and the idea is that I visit local Denver takeout spots, try their popular dishes, and then reverse-engineer them to see if I can make them at home!

I’ve done four of the videos so far and they are really fun. I thought I’d spend a post here on Macheesmo to give them a shout-out so you can go watch the ones that might interest you on Westword.

Of course, while some of the places I go to are Denver institutions, you can make the recipes from anywhere!


This was the first DIY Takeout I did for Westword and I stuck to something I knew I could nail: A burger. There’s a regional burger chain called Smashburger and they make a killer burger called the Colorado Burger which has green chiles on it.

I couldn’t reproduce their homemade chipotle buns without a ton of work so I just made a quick chipotle mayo for the burgers. SUCCESS.

Check out the DIY Takeout Smashburger Video!


This hot mess of a sandwich is my homemade version of the Enrique Torta from a local Torta chain. These guys make incredibly huge sandwiches. I swear my wife and I can split one on a normal day.

My favorite sandwich they make is actually a vegetarian one that uses cactus. I had never cooked with cactus before making these so it was kind of an experience. Turns out it was easy to make and so very delicious.

Here’s the DIY Takeout Torta Grill Video!


Biker Jim’s is a Denver institution that’s been featured on pretty much any travel food show that goes through Denver. And with good reason! They make amazing dogs. My favorite is their wild boar sausage. I tried to replicate it in my homemade version which includes their little trick for caramelized onions (soda) and lots of cream cheese!

Plus, I hunted down their source for their Boar sausage and brought some home!

Watch the DIY Takeout Biker Jim’s Video!


Probably my hardest DIY Takeout version so far was pad thai from a popular Thai place. They make really legit pad thai and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to nail it.

Turns out, I my concerns were valid. It was pretty impossible to get their sauce down, but what I did end up with was a very good (and manageable to make) pad thai. And their lunch version set me back $13 so you can save some money and still eat well by importing some of the work!

Check out the full DIY Takeout: Thai Monkey Club video!

I’m having a blast making these videos! They are casual and fun and I get to test the limits of new recipes!

I’m making about one of these a month right now and you can always check out my Westword author profile for current videos. I also announce them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

If you watch the DIY Takeout videos, I’d love to know your favorite and if you live in the Denver area let me know where I should EAT!

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