Foodie Fights 2.0

After a few months of work, Dan and I are finally ready and excited to re-launch Foodie Fights! If you aren’t familiar with what Foodie Fights is, here’s some background.

Last year, Dan and I came up with the idea of having an Iron Chef like battle on our sites (My Entry and His Entry). We had so much fun doing it we decided it would be cool to start a second site that was just for online food battles. So Foodie Fights was born.

The site had battles every few weeks with 6 different competitors and some special ingredients. The idea was to give people an outlet to try new things and also meet new people online who were interested in cooking and food. Plus there was a competitive element which is all in good fun of course.

We started Foodie Fights 1.0 on a basic WordPress platform without too much thought honestly. We had some simple rules and a general idea of what we wanted to do and so we took a stab at it.

Over the next six months, we outgrew the WordPress site. The battles were kind of clunky and required multiple posts and there was no way for people to get really involved in the fights without their own websites that we could link to.

We received a lot of feedback that the Foodie Fights idea was awesome, but there were some obvious hiccups to the deal.

Stuff like:

– I want to compete but I don’t want to have my own food blog!

– I want to know the ingredients before I sign-up so I don’t get too far out of my comfort zone. (People used to sign up and then sometimes they would be saddled with ingredients that they couldn’t find or knew absolutely nothing about.)

– The popular vote should be more powerful! (We had guest judges for each fight and their votes were weighted way too heavily and would basically always override the popular vote.)

Well, guess what. We fixed all that stuff!

Ok. Let me be completely honest. Dan and some of his friends fixed that stuff. We decided to move the site over to a Drupal framework and I’m far from a Drupal expert. I learned a lot, but Dan did most of the heavy lifting. Go Dan go.

What’s New With 2.0

Besides a sleek new look which I’m kind of in love with, there’s some cool stuff under the hood also.

Profiles. You can now have your own profile on Foodie Fights which is awesome. Here’s my profile for example.

This means you can sign up for battles even if you don’t have your own food blog. If you do have your own blog, we’ll still link back to it to send some traffic your way though. There’s lots of cool stuff in the profiles like a way to make friends (or RIVALS) with other foodie fighters. Most importantly though, it’s really simple to create a new account.

Ingredients. On the new system, you’ll know the ingredients for a battle before you sign up for it. This was a tough call for us because we liked the mystery of secret ingredients, but we decided to do it this way because we were having a bunch of people sign up for battles and then back out when the ingredients were announced. In the future we might still have a “Mystery Ingredient” section on the site for people who are interested in that.

We’ve streamlined the whole battle process actually. Check out the new rules for more info.

The People’s Voice. On the new Foodie Fights, the popular vote will be a lot more powerful. There will still be guest judges, but we stripped them of some of their power.

And of course the last thing that this new awesome website (probably) has is:

Bugs. While Dan and I have ran through a few test battles and everything seems to be working okay. I’m sure there are a few bugs that we haven’t found yet. So if you find one, it’d be awesome if you emailed it to me.

The First Battle. The first battle will be announced tomorrow, which gives you just enough time to zip on over, check out the site, make your profile, and get ready to cook some fun stuff over the weekend!

I’d be interested to hear any feedback you all have on the new site, positive or negative! Leave a comment!

11 comments on “Foodie Fights 2.0

  1. Oh man, wow. "Am I ready for this?" I ask myself. "Am I too nervous to throw my hat" — or my oven mitts, I guess — "into the ring here?"

    No I'm not and yes I am, respectively — which is precisely why I can't wait to dive in and get busy cookin' with all y'all. Conquer all kitchen fears!

  2. I need more help in my ever-downward spiral into foodie-ism? The Indoor Garden(er) is fluttering–I need more plant posts, not more food posts!

    I'm game. I'm interested in the Mystery Ingredients!

  3. Ohh I been waiting for this… ! I signed up, but I did not get any confirmation back about it? Do we get an email with a generic password?

    Nevertheless, I'm excited about this!

    1. Haha… yea… it took a bit longer than we thought originally, but we wanted to make sure it was solid. (Not that there aren't still a few bugs…)

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