The Food Fix: Stephanie and Benton

A Carnivore and A Vegetarian Find Love

The Food Fix - A Vegetarian and A Carnivore Find Love! In this episode, Nick travels to visit Stephanie and Benton, a recently married couple!


A Carnivore and A Vegetarian Find Love

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For those that remember, last year I produced a few short cooking shows called The Food Fix! The goal was to take the cooking show out of the studio kitchen and actually try to be helpful to real people!

So, I asked a bunch of readers for problems they have in the kitchen and came up with custom recipes for each. Due to budget and scheduling, I just chatted with each person via Skype to try and help them out.

This year I’m trying to take it to the next level by actually visiting people in their home! Right now there’s only one episode, but I might make more if people like them!

In the episode below, I spent the day with Stephanie and Benton, a recently married couple. Stephanie is a vegetarian and Benton is a meat-lover from Iowa! Even more, Benton hates beans which are a normal vegetarian staple.

I showed them two recipes that are easy to make even during a weeknight. Check out the full episode below!

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    1. Hey Larry! Thanks so much! Yea… I’m trying to figure out how to make more. It’s a ton of work. I almost need a full production crew to make one!

  1. Hi Nick! I loved this! It was fun! Thank you, I read your blog a lot and I love your style. I always remember a book you once recommend (long time ago) , eating animals, great book, I am a vegetarian and for me it was very educational and great read.
    I hope you keep on doing this videos! Thanks!

  2. Nick I agree with everyone here. I’m not sure how many “takes” this all took but you seem to have a knack for it. I watch the Next Food Network Star occasionally, and you’re much better than most of the people on that show (and you can actually cook!) I really think you should submit to be a contestant – and the video posted above could be your theme/show idea. That or just getting men to cook more (e.g. macheesmo). Go after it man

  3. As the mother of a vegetarian, I appreciate this. I can’t see myself giving up meat, but I do try to avoid it when he visits. I need something we can all enjoy. Also, I’m tired of the tv shows that emphasize cooking disasters as a source of entertainment. I don’t want to learn how to fail, but how to cook something properly.

  4. I will try both of these! Great to see you back with the Food Fix concept. I also intend to share with my sons.

  5. Not only was it a great video, but I really liked the recipe ideas you came up with for them. I hope you can get the support you need to make more of these Nick.

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