Tabasco 10 Ingredient Challenge


Tabasco 10 Ingredient Challenge

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Anyone who has been reading this blog for more than a few seconds will know my serious love of hot sauce. I use all kinds and tend to slather it on almost everything I eat.

When Tabasco contacted me last month to see if I wanted to participate in a sort of blogger recipe challenge, I was all like:


The challenge is pretty straightforward. There are 10 bloggers participating besides yours truly and we will all be posting a recipe per day for the next five days. As you might imagine, Tabasco is featured in each recipe, but the real reason I liked the challenge is because of the limited other ingredients.

There are only 10 basic ingredients that are allowed in each recipe (besides oil, salt, and pepper). I can only speak for the recipes that I’ll be posting over the next five days, but they are all fairly simple and feature only a few ingredients. That said, they have great flavors.

Here are the ingredients that are allowed in the recipes:


You might think that this is easy, but trust me it wasn’t. There were some ingredients that I use in almost everything that I couldn’t use for these recipes (Garlic!).

The Bloggers

Besides myself, here are the bloggers that are participating in the challenge so if you are liking this idea, it might be worth it to check out their blogs over the next five days and see what kinds of fun stuff they are making out of these ingredients.

That’s a pretty strong list of bloggers and I can’t wait to see what stuff they come up with.
So check back tomorrow for my first of five fresh recipes featuring Tabasco!

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