Favorite Photos from Trip


Favorite Photos from Trip

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While Betsy and I were in Europe, I took quite a few photos. I think I ended up with about 400 photos after 12 days which isn’t too bad. I usually take 50 for just one Macheesmo post, so I didn’t go too crazy. In fact, some days I just left the camera at home so I could really enjoy the trip. As I’ve been going through them, I already have a few favorites so I thought I would share them.

Boat in Brightonbrightonboat_550

Brighton Beach, on the south shore of England, was the first place we went to spend some time with some friends who moved there a year ago. It was a very quaint little town with an awesome night life. The beach was very pretty and these old boats littered the shore.

Lots of Overallsoveralls_550There was this store in Brighton Beach called Dirty Harry’s. Yes, after the movie. It was a mecca of American clothing and all of it was very cheap. It was a basically a thrift store, but all of the stuff was really high quality. I had never seen this many overalls before.

Inverness, Scotlandinverness_550This doesn’t even look like a real place. It’s a small little town that we visited on a whim for a night and it was great. Lots of tiny pubs and stuff. I tried haggis here and it was pretty okay. Not great. Not terrible.

A Cannon Viewcannonview_550Next, we stopped off in Edinburgh for a few days and toured the castle there. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with it. It was expensive to get in and seemed like one big tourist trap. I just loved this photo.

Swine Flu!pigflu_550The Scots are a humorous people. I really liked everyone we met while we were there although sometimes their accent was impossible to understand.

Kaas in Alkmaarcheesewheels2_550Next on the itinerary was Amsterdam and we stayed there for about 6 days. We went to this badass cheese market in Alkmaar where merchants buy and sell cheese the same way they have for centuries. It involves lots of good costumes and interesting handshakes. I was in cheese heaven.

Beets in a Marketbeetsinmarket_550We spent a pretty good amount of time wondering around markets in Amsterdam and I loved looking at all the veggies and food. They have a really good food culture there.

Prawn Thingiesshrimps_550

The seafood in these markets was very fresh. I loved this shot of these little guys.

Smoothies of Colorfruitsmoothies_550There were a bunch of stands that sold like a million different kinds of fruit smoothies. The colors looked really cool and these smoothies were like crack.

Mocksterbetsytakingphoto_550At some point I believe Betsy got somewhat frustrated with my incessant photo-taking.

Bridge from Canalbridgefromcanal_550We took a canal tour through Amsterdam one day which was very awesome. This was one of my favorite shots from the boat.

Quintquintstaring_550The main reason we went on this trip was to visit with Betsy’s brother, Danny, and his family. Betsy’s nephew is one now and is pretty much the cutest kid in the world. His name is actually Daniel Armstrong Atkinson V. So he also gets the badass nickname, Quint.

My Favoritemyfavoritephoto_550Quint is so cute that occasionally while you are walking around with him people will stop you and ask if they can take a photo with him. I didn’t believe this until I saw it. Quint didn’t always like being so famous and it sometimes led to meltdowns.

Those are a few of my favorites. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a quick and simple stir-fry recipe.

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  1. Hi Nick,

    The fantastic photographs tell us all that you and family have had a wonderful and inspiring holiday. Good on you mate.


  2. Those look like ‘langoustine’, (a small relation to the lobster in N.A.) usually fished from coastal Norway down to the Mediterranean. We had them in Brittany, the locals recommending sucking the heads out as the best of the best!

  3. I love the pics — especially the one of Bets clearly being annoyed with you. :) hee hee. And Quint is adorable. I kinda want to hear more about “cheese heaven,” though — did you learn any of the secret handshakes?

  4. Oh my word, I don't even know what to comment on first! (a) love the photos and wish I were there now, in all of the places (b) love the way you made food a part of the trip with the smoothies and the cheese and TRYING HAGGIS!? (c) my parents went to Scotland a few years ago and still rave about it. Which country/city did you like best, do you think?

  5. I Have been following you for a while. I had no idea you have been to Inverness. I lived there for a while. I’m following you from the west coast of the Scottish highlands. With haggis, it really depends which you tried. There are some awful ones. I wish I could have sent you to somewhere to get a good one. Have you tried black pudding? Stornoway is the best one of them.

    1. Ha! Thanks Laura! yea… we took this trip many years ago and it was so great. WE loved northing Scotland so much. Hope to get back there someday. We did find a good haggis actually but I have no idea where it was. We had some bad ones too… so it goes! :)

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