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I’ve been on a serious Asian food kick lately. I’m not talking about cheap Chinese take-out (although that has its place and time for sure). I’m talking about really fresh meals with loads of veggies and spices and mixes of savory, spicy, and sweet sauces.

The nice thing about all these meals? They are super fast and light enough to eat on a hot spring day. The noodle salad for meal one, for example, is one of my favorite picnic noodle salads!

Skip the Asian take-out this week and try these out!

This week’s meal plan includes:

  • Rice Noodle Salad with Grilled Chicken
  • Chicken Noodle Bowls
  • Quick Chickpea Curry
  • Lunch Asian Quinoa Salad

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Admin note: There will not be a new meal plan next week. Enjoy spring!

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