Fall Meal Plan Pack!

Roughly two years ago I launched Macheesmo Meals, a weekly meal plan service where I put together easy themed recipes in formatted PDFs. Over the years, hundreds of people subscribed and used the service which was pretty sweet.

One problem: I burned out.

I wrote around 80 meal plans and I found myself really dreading the process every week and eventually slacking on coming up with interesting ideas.

So, a few months ago I decided to cancel everybody’s subscriptions and take some time off. It was a breath of fresh air for me and I was able to focus on other things like being a Dad!

Also, I took the chance to rethink this huge library of meal plans I had and figure out a better way to get them to you!

Instead of a weekly service, I decided to pick the best of the best out of the meal plans and package them together in a new format (much improved I must say) and sell them for a very reduced price.

Sample Pages from The New Meal Packs


Meal Plan Pack Details!

The Fall Meal Plan pack includes EIGHT full meal plans perfect for the upcoming season!

Each meal plan has 3 easy-to-make dinner recipes and extra recipes like brunch, breakfast, or snacks.

Each meal plan comes with a shopping list to make the weekly grocery store trip easier.

The meal plans can be loaded on your computer, your phone, or your tablet (in ibooks).


Until Sunday night, I’m offering a discount on both the FALL plan pack and the ANNUAL plan pack (32 plans split by season).


Check out the MEAL PLANS page for more info and to purchase the plans!

Have questions? Leave a comment!

Remember, fivebucks will get you $5 off until Sunday! (Not very original I know… but easy to remember!)

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