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Somehow, we made it over three months before Theo came down with any sort of sickness. This was completely baffling to me and Betsy because A) we are very far from germiphobes. (You can wash pacifiers?!) B) Theo gets licked by Porter the Dog multiple times a day… sometimes in his mouth.

But, every kid gets sick and this week was his week! Luckily, it wasn’t anything too serious. He had a mild fever and lots of coughing and snot making.

He’s feeling better already, but Porter pretty much hasn’t left his side the whole time. Whether he knows it or not, Theo already has a best buddy.

(Sorry for the grainy photo. Dim room and didn’t want to use a flash.)

One Quick Parent Rant

I remember hearing a This American Life a long time ago about the dangers and realities of overdosing your kid on Tylenol (Found it!). At the time, I remember being pretty self-righteous in thinking that it couldn’t be that hard. Now, after having to brave it, it is incredibly, stupidly difficult and I completely see how mistakes happen.

Keep in mind that when most parents are doing this for the first time they are sleep-deprived and mildly freaking out.

For starters, there different products both labeled for kids but one is literally twice the dosage of the other (80mg/5mL vs. 160mg/5mL – you have to read the fine print to be sure which one you have).

More importantly, the measurer they give you is in milliliters, but the dosing instructions from pediatricians is in teaspoons.

So you have to convert teaspoons to milliliters and then eyeball it on this dropper.

It’s like some sick SAT word problem except with a screaming child sitting next to you.

I get that it’s important to get the dosage exact, but hey… the people who designed the package should know it’s important to get the dosage exact.

Anyway, I pretty much nailed the conversion and administered what I believe to be a perfect amount of medicine which was immediately drooled out.

End rant.

The Links

A few things that caught my eye this week.

Matcha Mint and Cookies Ice Cream – Matcha is all the rage these days and I’ve yet to buy it and try it, but I do love the color! And I do love ice cream! (@ Girl vs. Dough)

Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake For some reason I’ve been craving chocolate sheet cake lately. I have to have an event to make one though or I’ll just hate-eat it all myself. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Overbaked Cake? Now What? – Speaking of cake, what happens if you forget one in the oven? Usually it’s ruined, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used. This is pretty genius. (@ Cupcake Project)

Ridiculously Intense Steak – I saw this steak in the most recent Bon Appetit and my first thought was, “I have to try that!” Then I read the full recipe and I thought, “I’m probably never trying that.” But, after reading this review, I might actually do it someday. (@ Bitten Word)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. NPR FTW!!. Glad you were pre-informed about the dangers of the Tylenol. Pretty confusing for a sleep-deprived parent with a screaming kid. My kids are big now, but we have found that fevers under 102 are best to just let run their course – fever medication ( tylenol, motrin ) is actually counter productive. The fever is part of the body’s immune response, and fever reducing medications hamper that, leaving the kids sick longer. Worth discussing with your doctor.

    1. Thanks Ed! Yea… we just gave him a bit to help him sleep which is what our doc told us to do. He’s on the mend now though and off the juice. ;)

  2. Tylenol changed this problem about a year ago so that all the formulations are the same. It was directly in response to the infant deaths. Get a new container (or, you know, don’t use it because you’re probably prolonging the illness by inhibiting the body’s response), and take care. Hope your little one feels better soon!

  3. Every time we give our kids medicine I have to Google the dosage charts. I wish they’d put something on the bottle besides “ask your doctor” for all kids under 2.

  4. You’ll have at least a few more rants on either the dosages or packaging by the time your baby is 2.5 years old! I think the pharmaceutical jokes are playing a mean joke on parents haha! Over here I usually have issues with packaging and the measuring spoons they come with–often a very flat spoon which is not suitable for a person with shaky hands– or just trying to get the med out of the bottle. No joke, one med had me sweating and nearly in tears just trying to get it out of the tiny glass ampule. A children’s med!

  5. fun fact… kiddo didn’t get sick because babies carry mom’s immune system with them for a few months after they are born. we’re not sure exactly how long this protects kids, and there are other factors (like breastfeeding) that change how long it lasts, but it’s somewhere around a few months. now that mom’s protection has run out, theo is working on building his own immune system!

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