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Dad Strong

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A few months ago, two friends and I started kind of a serious (but silly) club. One of the guys has a six month old baby and the other guy’s wife is having a baby roughly the same time Betsy is due.

We decided it would be a good idea to get super-jacked because being strong helps with baby chores. We call the club Dad Strong. Once or twice a week we hit up a local YMCA and just lift weights and hit punching bags.

It’s half about getting stronger but also just a good way to let off some steam and start the day off positively.

Has my bench press weight improved? Not really. But, I feel like it’s still time very well spent!

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The Links

Helene’s Brownies – I don’t know Helene, but I’m really glad that David does so he could share this beautiful beast of a brownie recipe with us! (@ David Lebovitz)

Hand Rolled Pasta – I’ve made pasta exactly once without a pasta roller. It’s pretty hard work, but the pasta is nice and thick and has some texture to it which is sometimes a nice change. Love this walkthrough! (@ Chasing Delicious)

Creamy Parm and Garlic Gnocchi – As far as fall goes, it doesn’t get much better than a warm bowl of pasta. This recipe gets bookmarked in my browser! (@ Girl Vs. Dough)

Four Easy Ways to Clean up Broken Glass – Ok. This might seem like a no brainer, but it’s worth a reminder that there’s a right way and wrong way to clean up broken glass. The wrong way (know from personal experience) is to try to pick up each shard with your human fingers. (@ The Kitchn)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Awesome Lego photo by Pascal.

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  1. Since our baby was born 2+ years ago, I’ve lost 50 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. Just got that spark of never wanting to be the reason I leave earlier in life than I need to, you know?
    BTW, you’ll be surprised how strong your arms and shoulders get after lugging the growing baby around for 2 years!

  2. A thing that calms Josie down is Adam doing bicep curls and bench pressing… her. He’s been doing it since shortly after we brought her home from the hospital, and now at 14 weeks she’s nearly 14 lbs, and as she gets heavier he’s also getting stronger. It’s surprisingly more challenging with a live weight, too! Dad strong is TOTALLY a real thing.

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