The Internet Kitchen: Cuatro de Mayo


The Internet Kitchen: Cuatro de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo, possibly my favorite celebratory day of the year, falls on a Sunday this year which is kind of a bummer because it limits my margarita intake to seven.

Luckily, a good friend is having a Cuatro de Mayo party this year which is the definition of smart.

If you are in need of Tex-Mex for the weekend, I have many dozens of recipes in the Macheesmo Tex-Mex category. I recommend all of them.

The Poll

I’ve started cleaning out my cookbook collection prior to our move to Denver. Pick a book that I’m donating and I’ll make something from it as a last goodbye. These books aren’t necessarily bad, I just haven’t opened them in at least two years so I figure they can find a better  home.

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The Links

Muir Glen Recipe Contest – Muir Glen hosted a really fun recipe contest for fans of their Facebook page. I was lucky enough to try and photograph all the winning recipes!  You can check them out on their Facebook page. They are all great but the tomato bisque with brussel sprouts was my personal favorite.

Blackberry Almond Skillet Cake – I’ve noticed a ton of fresh (and cheap) blackberries in the store these days. This recipe caught my eye as a good use for them! (@ Turntable Kitchen)

Snoball Cake Roll – What? My brain couldn’t process the amazingness of this recipe. (@ Sprinkle Bakes)

Pickled Beets – I used to think I hated beets, but that was because I thought all beets came in a can and were soggy and gross. Not the case and these pickled beets look wonderful to me. (@ Food in Jars)

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  1. We’re also hosting a Quattro de Mayo party, for the exact same reason! Once those Texas martinis start flowing its really better to do it on a Saturday!

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