Crispy Mozzarella Bites

Crispy Mozzarella Bites

These Crispy Mozzarella Bites are delicious right out of the fryer (or air fryer) but also store surprisingly well! Great for Lunch boxes or snack time!


Crispy Mozzarella Bites

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This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic! I used their Organic Mozzarella String Cheese for these Crispy Mozzarella Bites. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for other great snack ideas!

I feel like 50% of my parenting job is coming up with snacks for my kids. That might sound crazy but if you’ve ever seen a hunger tantrum from a 3-year old, you know the importance of snacks!

I came up with these Crispy Mozzarella Bites as fun twist on the traditional cheese stick snack! The bites are great right out of the fryer (air fryer or traditional) but they also store surprisingly well and are the perfect portable snack to enjoy on the go! I kept mine in my snack box for a few hours and they were still delicious dipped in ranch or marinara sauce!

One Horizon Organic cheese stick has 7 grams of protein so just three of these bites is a great protein boost for kids.

Since it’s back to school time, I’m also helping promote Horizon Organic’s campaign with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to have the self-confidence to do what you are passionate about!

The #HorizonConfiDANCE campaign will help BBBS recruit, train and support new matches! For every dance shared on Instagram or Facebook by September 30th, Horizon Organic will give $5 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, up to $200k. Just use #HorizonConfiDANCE. Want to see how it’s done?! Check out my ConfiDANCE video in my kitchen! I might not be the best dancer in the food blog world, but that won’t stop me!

Bust out your dancing shoes and film a quick video! Oh… and make these Mozzarella bites. YUM!

Crispy Mozzarella Bites

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Crispy Mozzarella Bites
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These Crispy Mozzarella Bites are delicious right out of the fryer (or air fryer) but also store surprisingly well! They make a great addition to your kiddo lunch box or just for snacks on the go!


6 Horizon Organic Mozzarella String Cheeses
½ cup organic all-purpose flour
1 large Horizon Organic egg, whisked
½ cup organic breadcrumbs
Spray oil (if you’re air frying)
Canola or vegetable oil, if you’re deep-frying
Ranch dressing, for dipping

Easy Snack Pack:

6 crispy mozzarella bites
Organic Carrots
Organic Raspberries
Ranch Dressing
Horizon Organic Single Serve Chocolate Milk


1) Add flour, egg, and breadcrumbs to three separate bowls. Cut each cheese stick into three even pieces. Toss the mozzarella sticks in flour to coat, then transfer to the egg. Coat each piece well so no flour is showing. Finally, transfer to breadcrumbs. Ensure the breadcrumbs cover entirely the cheese sticks.

2) Place breaded cheese sticks on a rack and freeze for at least two hours or well in advance of frying.

For Air Frying: Add half of the bites (or as many as you need) to the basket for the air fryer and spray them lightly with non-stick spray. Air fry the bites for 5 minutes at 350˚ F.

For Deep Frying: Heat 1 quart of oil to 350˚ F. Add bites and fry for 4 minutes until they are golden brown.

Serve crispy mozzarella bites with ranch dressing or marinara along with fruit and vegetables.

Crispy Mozzarella Bites

These bites are really easy to make. If you’ve ever fried something before, you know the process. If you haven’t, then this is about as easy as it gets!

Breading - Crispy Mozzarella Bites

Cut each cheese stick into three pieces and dip each one in flour, then egg, and then breadcrumbs. Be sure to coat them really well or else they will not make it through the frying process!

Freezing - Crispy Mozzarella Bites
Ready to freeze!

Once they are breaded, they need to CHILL. Freeze the bites for at least two hours or you can make them well in advance.

For frying, I used my air fryer, but you can do them in a traditional fryer as well. I recommend spraying your air fryer basket with non-stick spray just to prevent any possible sticking.

Add in as many bites as you want or as can fit without touching.

Air Fryer Crispy Mozzarella Bites

Fry the bites for 5 minutes at 350˚ F. They should be golden brown and some might be leaking a bit of cheese. No big deal! They are still delicious!

If you want to use a traditional fryer, heat your oil to 350˚F and fry them for 3-4 minutes until golden brown.

These are great right out of the fryer. Gooey and delicious!

Hot Crispy Mozzarella Bites

They actually also travel really well though! I snacked on mine a few hours after making them (stored in the fridge) and they were still great!

Crispy Mozzarella Bites

I loved the Crispy Mozzarella Bites dipped in ranch dressing.

It’s back-to-school season and kids will go crazy for these bites!

Crispy Mozzarella Bites

Here are a few other great kid snacks!

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