The Crib Battle


The Crib Battle

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I consider myself a pretty smart dude. I went to college. I can read fairly complicated text and generally figure it out.

But I was completely brought to my knees by a baby crib this week. It took me 2-3 hours to put the thing together. By the end of it I was sweaty, cursing, and had a huge headache. So, it’s possible that crib manufacturers make it difficult on purpose to mimic parenthood.

I know you are all probably thinking I’m exaggerating when I say that they must have purposefully made this harder than they had to make it, so I’ll show you just one example.

Notice in the below photo there is bolt labeled (W) and a washer labeled (VV).

TWO “V”s together is a “W”!

The Step 2B photo makes my head spin.

You could use any letters in the alphabet! Why would you choose “V” to double up?

Excuse me?
Excuse me?

That was just Step 1. It got way worse.

But you know what? I finished it and then freaked out when I had bolts left over. I was certain that I did something wrong and the crib was going to break out from under my child and the parent police would come knocking.

Nope. The manufacturer just includes extra bolts for convenience.

“For convenience” is code for “to mess with you!”

The Links

Roasted Acorn Squash – This is about as fall as a recipe can get. I can imagine serving this with any number of grilled or pan seared meats! (@ Bitten Word)

Apple Pie Crumb Cake – Ok. I take it back. This recipe might be more fall than the roasted acorn squash recipe. Apple pie is one of my favorite desserts and I wasn’t really sure it could be improved on, but this cake seems to do exactly that. (@ Sippity Sup)

Smoked Sausage Chili – I usually like chili with ground beef or cubed chuck steak, but this looks like a great change up. I think I would definitely serve this with a cornbread. I think that’s the only way to do it. (@ Dine and Dish)

Autumn Avocado Toast – This is a meal that I eat a lot actually during the fall. Ok. Not this meal exactly, but this idea. Toast… avocado… maybe some hot sauce. You get it. (@ How Sweet It Is)

Have a good weekend everyone! I’ll be running approximately 13.1 miles!

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    1. I love it too! It’s from Land of Nod… a bit of a splurge for us honestly, but once we saw it we couldn’t stop imagining it in the room… that’s how they get ya. ;)

  1. Back in the early ’80s my good friend, who is a computer engineer, and I (a mechanical engineer) assembled a gas BBQ grill. Took a whole afternoon of frustration, cursing and whatever…
    Joey and I FINALLY succeeded!
    Over the past 30 years I’ve just paid the $25 to have them pre-assembled!
    Well worth it! Fer Shure! :-)

  2. LOL! I just watched an old “Married With Children” rerun this morning in which Al Bundy and his neighbor, Mr. D’Arcy, were trying to assemble a workbench. After trying for several minutes, they finally succeeded in opening up the box (with the aid of a saw!). To make a long story short, at the end of the show, it was poor dumb Kelly” who put it all together in a matter of minutes! There must be a lesson in there somewhere! ;)

    1. There definitely is a lesson, Larry. The lesson is that great comedy shows never die.

      They still replay Married with Children?!!

  3. YIKES! That is crazy. Of all the letters they could use, they choose a double v?! Yes, they were definitely testing a parent’s sanity. Whew, I am so glad you ended up conquering that bad boy. Your baby will be so happy.

  4. Love it. Ours is sitting in the box on the front porch where it will probably wait for several more weeks/months. I may leave the house while Sean works on assembling it… :)

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