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Cornerstone Cooking

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UPDATE! After being self-published for a few months, a publisher is helping me re-do this book and make it bigger and better. Because of this, I’ve discontinued the old book. You can read more about the new project here!

Well friends, it finally happened. After about a year of writing, planning, recipe testing, photographing and learning everything under the sun about publishing a book, my first full-fledged cookbook is DONE.

The book is called CORNERSTONE COOKING and I’m really excited to share it with you all.

I came up with the idea for this book because I thought there was a fundamental flaw with how most cookbooks are laid out. Most cookbooks out there have delicious recipes and wonderful photos, but they don’t necessarily help the busy person plan meals.

The core problem is that most cookbooks assume that you are starting from scratch for each and every recipe.  Every page makes you start over. They assume that you have nothing prepped and nothing in your fridge.

In reality though, this is almost never the case.  Most fridges are filled with containers of leftover chicken, half cans of black beans, and maybe half a loaf of bread.

Cornerstone Cooking puts those leftovers to good use. After all, they aren’t just leftovers. They represent time, money, and energy that you’ve already spent.

With Cornerstone Cooking, the meal you made last night can make dinner tonight much easier to prepare.

What Is Cornerstone Cooking?

When I started researching this book, I immediately noticed that there were certain dishes that lent themselves perfectly to this idea.  These dishes were great on their own, but could also can be main ingredients in secondary dishes.

I call these cornerstone dishes, and they are the basis of this book!

Make these cornerstone dishes in bulk, when you have time, and then use the leftovers from those dishes to make new interesting meals.

Once you really start to get into this system of cooking, you see leftovers in an entirely new light.  When I see leftover chicken in the fridge, I don’t see just cold chicken.  I see chicken tortilla soup, chicken and dumplings, breakfast hash, and loads of other dishes.  All of these dishes take almost no time to prepare because a lot of the work is already done. My cornerstone chicken and dumplings recipe takes 40 minutes as opposed to 4 hours.

This is how smart chefs use leftovers and there’s no reason why you can’t also!

What’s In The Book?

This is how the book is broken down:

  • Eight chapters, each chapter starts with a specific cornerstone dish. For example, roast chicken.
  • Each of the eight chapters then has around ten supporting recipes that you can make with the cornerstone dish leftovers.  These supporting recipes are from different cuisines so you won’t get sick of making the same things with the same flavor profile.
  • Over half of the recipes in the book take less than 30 minutes to make. About 60% of the recipes are vegetarian.
  • The book has plenty of photos, preparation tips, and recipe variations (if you don’t like my basic chicken salad recipe, I give you six alternatives).
  • Macheesmo-style writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ghostwriter. Every word was written by me, every photograph was taken by me, and every recipe tested by me.

Giveaways Giveaways Giveaways!

I’m jumping out of my skin about this book!

I’ve worked on it for a long time and I can’t wait to see what people think of the project.

For people who BUY THE BOOK this week, I want to give you the chance to win something special.

If you buy the book, just forward your receipt to [email protected] and be entered to win the following prizes. You’ll get one entry to win the below prizes for each copy you buy (buy a million and you’re guaranteed to win) and unfortunately I can only ship to U.S. addresses.

All of these winners will be announced this Friday (03/30), so you have the entire week to purchase the book and be entered to win!

Cook’s Illustrated Subscriptions

It’s pretty well-known that one of my favorite magazines is Cook’s Illustrated.  They are no nonsense and all about teaching people how to cook successfully.

I’ll pick three winners and give them a free year subscription to this wonderful magazine.

Spices Galore

I’ll pick three winners from the list and you’ll get a new spice grinder, plus a variety of whole spices for your new spice grinder, hand picked by me!

The Grand Prize

I’ll pick one lucky winner and send them one of these bad boys in any color they want!

So, buy the book, forward the receipt to [email protected] and you could win one of seven prizes.

As with everything I do here on Macheesmo, the goal of this book is to make it easier for people to cook at home regularly.

I think Cornerstone Cooking can help you save time and money in the kitchen and I hope you check it out.

For more info on the book, visit the Cornerstone Cooking website, or you can just take a leap of faith and buy the sucker!


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  1. Super stoked!! I get paid this week, and will be getting my copy as soon as the ol’ paycheck comes in. :) Congrats on this achievement! Can’t wait to check out the book, I know it will be great!

  2. Good on you, sir! This is great, and just like Becky above, I’ll make it rain on you via Amazon as soon as my paycheck clears.

    Mazol Tov, Nick. This really looks like a fine book, and I’m excited to see it.

  3. I’m definitely going to order your cookbook, pronto! Not only do I love your blog, but I gotta support a fellow Coloradan :) Hope you’re healing well!! Congratulations!

  4. Just a quick question, are people outside of the United States eligable to enter into your competition. I can’t image how much it would cost to ship a KA to Australia!!

  5. sounds like a cookbook for my heart! i’m always throwing out leftovers because no one wants them and at times it gets pretty expensive. i don’t mind fixing me leftovers but my family sticks their noses in the air like its gross or something.

  6. Congratulations! How awesome is that! I came across your blog a couple months ago, and I love it! You’re definitely my style. Your book sounds great, so I just bought a copy. Can’t wait to get it!

  7. Awesome! I am always trying to think of what to do with leftovers. Just like Ellen it’s hard to get the rest of my family to eat leftovers. Thanks!!

    1. Ha! I didn’t really think about that… Not sure that there’s an easy way to make that happen. If you sent me money on Paypal I could send you one…. Email me if you’re serious. ;)

  8. Congrats Nick! I too dream about publishing a book. Some day! I am excited for my copy of Cornerstone Cooking to arrive in 3-5 business days!! Glad to hear there are vegetarian options included. I am interested in all recipes and ways of eating, but particularly in the vegetarian perspective. I have a feeling that I am going to love your book.

  9. I’m so happy for you! I’ve just purchased my copy. It is amazing and not at all surprising that your cookbook is so vegetarian friendly. You’re the best. This website has made me feel so much more comfortable in the kitchen, and I am excited to learn some new strategies for food planning from your book.

  10. Congratulations! I’ve been reading for a few years now, rarely commenting though, and just wanted to say congrats on how far you’ve come with everything! Really enjoy your blog.

  11. I hope we win a blue kitchenaid…so it can sit on the counter and never get used just like the silver one we have!

    Ram ba lam…well done nick

  12. oh wow! that’s awesome, congratulations! i don’t know if i’ll make it in time for the giveways, but i’ll be buying your book anyway! SO COOL for you :)

  13. FELICIDADES!! I can’t wait to order your book. Another great accomplishment…way to go NIck!

  14. I’m ordering a copy. I am excited to have it in my collection of cookbooks. It sounds perfect for me. Congratulations on the accomplishment!

    1. Hey Bethany, about 60% of the recipes are vegetarian. There are two chapters based around meat cornerstone dishes (roast chicken and flank steak) but otherwise stuff is pretty veggie friendly. :)

  15. Nick, you truly embody the entrepreneurial spirit that is the backbone of our economy. It is the hard work and dedication of citizens like you that will continue to move this country forward.

    All the best to you Nick, I look forward to the lentils recipes.

    God bless,
    B. Obama

  16. Congrats! It looks impressive and even more so knowing that your knee was a mess as you were coming into the finish line on this project. Nicely done!

  17. Buying a million copies won’t guarantee a win, Nick!

    Your motto of confidence in the kitchen is true. You got me to finally make risotta. You got me inspired with breadmaking. I quickly moved away from a manufactured-food diet and my only challenge left is fully cleaning out my freezer to make room for fresh, nonprocessed food that I can use to create better food for my family at home.

    I’ll be buying a book tomorrow. Hopefully Saturday will still be OK to get entered in the drawing!

  18. Just got the book yesterday, and I already love it! You’ve got me inspired to buy and roast a whole chicken! It’s been on my to-do list for ages, but I was always nervous since I’ve only bought a whole chicken one other time (for one of your chicken soup recipes, actually). Now I think I may have my next kitchen project lined up!

    1. Awesome Jessica! I hope it works out for ya. Let me know if you make some of the supporting recipes also! Thanks for the support. ;)

  19. Hi Nick,

    I made your Chicken Tortilla soup on Sunday and am finishing the leftovers today. It’s one of those great dishes where the flavors actually blend better over time. It’s super tasty!
    Enjoying your book very much! Best of luck!

    1. Hey Leah,

      I have you on the list! It will probably be early 2014 unfortunately since I’m basically doubling the book for the next print. I’ll let you know though!


  20. Is this book still available? I had some issues attempting to buy it from Amazon.
    Looks like a great idea. My wife does NOT like left overs — mostly because she doesn’t want to eat the same thing we just ate — if I can turn it into something new, she would LOVE it.

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