Corn Husk Steamed Snapper

Serves 4.
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There’s not much to do with leftover corn husks unless you want to make a bunch of tamales. Steaming fish in them is another option!


1 - 1 1/2 pounds white fish (snapper, grouper, cod, etc.)
4 ears corn, husked somewhat carefully to try to keep the husks in big pieces.
3-4 Cups cooked rice, I used basmati but this is flexible
1 lemon, sliced thin
1 inch fresh ginger, cut into coins
Soy sauce
Salt and pepper


1) Peel corn.  Try to leave husks in as big of pieces as possible.

2) Portion out fish into 4-5 ounce pieces.

3) Lay out a few corn husks and pile on about a cup of cooked rice.  Flatten the rice and drizzle with soy sauce.

4) Place a piece of fish on the rice and top with sliced lemon and ginger.

5) Transfer each bundle to a bamboo steamer as you finish it.  Use a spatula to transfer the bundles.

6) When each layer is done (two bundles per layer) pile come extra husks on top to trap some of the steam and flavors in.

7) Steam for 10 minutes and rotate the levels half-way through.

8) Serve with corn obviously!