Cookbook Week Winners


Cookbook Week Winners

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Last week I posted recipes from five great cookbooks. Okay… four great cookbooks and my own book which I’m clearly biased toward. Anyway, lots of winners get books now! I’ll post the winners on each individual post and email them, but here’s the master list also for those checking in.

Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book Winners:

1) Ann H. (via Comment)

2) Dawn L. (via Facebook)

The Kitchn Cookbook Winners:

1) Patricia U. (via Facebook)

2) Kim D. (via Twitter)

Easy Gourmet Winners:

1) Dani A. (via Comment)

2) Kelly G. (via Pinterest)

Homemade Decadence Winners:

1) Whitney A. (via Twitter)

2) Christina (via Comment)

Love Your Leftovers (signed) Winners:

1) Sarah C. (via Facebook)

2) Audrey W. (via Facebook)

3) Joellyn A. (via Comment)

Congrats everyone! I might do another cookbook week next spring. Seemed to be a hit!

The Links

Dark and Spicy Pumpkin Loaf – This was one of those recipes that I saw and made a verbal “ohhh” noise after reading it. I want to spread salted butter on it and eat it all day long. (@ A Sweet Spoonful)

Bacon and Sprouts Salad – I really love to have a Brussels sprouts side during the holidays. Usually I roast them until almost black and crispy, but this looks like a nice fresh twist. (@ Pinch of Yum)

French Fries Cause Cancer – I just love that they recently came out with a new GMO kind of potato because they found that potatoes might cause cancer. You know what else probably causes cancer? Fast food. Probably better to re-invent the damned potato rather than just eat better though right? Sigh… (@ Ruhlman)

Fig and Blue Cheese Flatbread – This might cause cancer too. We’ll just never know. I’ll still be eating it though. (@ The Kitchn)

Stay warm this weekend, team. Check back tomorrow because PIE.

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