Coconut Coffee Smoothie: A great way to start with a chilling and healthy coconut and banana smoothie. I like to add just enough coffee to get ya moving!
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Wake-Up Coconut Coffee Smoothie

There tends to be two kinds of smoothies in the world: The healthy fruit/veg based smoothies packed with carrots and kale or a smoothie that’s really just a slightly healthier milkshake. Peanut butter, chocolate, yogurt? That’s a milkshake, people.

But this smoothie is sort of a different beast. The only fruit it has is a single banana, but it has lots of healthy seeds and fiber and oats from my new smoothie trick (Spoiler: It’s granola.)

The coffee is a tricky addition. Overdo it and your smoothie will be bitter, but if you get it right, it blends perfectly with the coconut and other ingredients.

It’s seriously breakfast in a glass. Like, your entire breakfast: granola, fruit, coffee. Delicious.

Coconut Coffee Smoothie: A great way to start with a chilling and healthy coconut and banana smoothie. I like to add just enough coffee to get ya moving!

Coconut Coffee Smoothie

Just a moment please...

2 medium smoothies
Prep Time
Total Time

Coconut Coffee Smoothie blended with healthy add-ins like flax seed and chia seed. Takes just a few minutes to blend up and is a great way to start the day!


3/4 cup strong coffee, frozen
1 banana
1 cup coconut water
1/2 cup granola
4 tablespoons ground flax seeds
2 tablespoons chia seeds
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Helpful Equipment



1) Pour strong coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze solid. You can also freeze the banana.

2) Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse a few times until smoothie has a consistent texture.

Divide between glasses and serve immediately!

Adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe.

Coffee Smoothie

The Frozen Bits

Some part of this recipe needs to be frozen. I froze some coffee I had leftover from the previous day in a ice cube tray. You could also freeze the coconut water and/or banana though if leftover coffee isn’t in your vocabulary.

Try to use a decent coffee for this. The flavor really does come through in the finished smoothie so if you use cheap ground coffee your smoothie will taste like, well, cheap ground coffee. Fair warning!

coconut coffee smoothie

Coffee cubes!

The Add-ins

As with any smoothie recipe, you can really make this your own. I added ground flax and chia seeds because those are things we tend to have in the house and they are fiber packed and a great way to start the day.

Coffee Smoothie add-ins.

Good add ins!

This shouldn’t be rocket science, but add everything to your blender of choice. If you didn’t freeze the coconut water, make sure it’s nice and cold.

I’m actually not an enormous coconut water fan, but it works really well in this recipe.

Coconut coffee smoothie.


Here’s my big smoothie trick. Are you ready?

GRANOLA. I used a hearty almond granola but you could use any one that you like. The granola purees pretty smoothly but does give the smoothie some nice texture and lots of good flavors that are already in the granola (vanilla, honey, etc.)

It’s a nice cheater trick for a good smoothie.

Coconut coffee smoothie.

Great texture!

Pulse that all together and you’re in breakfast business.

Coconut coffee smoothie.

Pulse it up!

If I’m making a veg/fruit smoothie, I like a huge serving of it, but this smoothie is really intense and a smaller serving is enough for me. Because of all the seeds and granola, it’s still pretty filling.

If you’re a big smoothie (or coffee fan) then you could make one large coffee smoothie out of this recipe.

What do you think? Coffee in a smoothie? Crazy or cool?

Coconut Coffee Smoothie: A great way to start with a chilling and healthy coconut and banana smoothie. I like to add just enough coffee to get ya moving!

10 comments on “Wake-Up Coconut Coffee Smoothie

  1. Sounds good! I tend not to eat seeds like those because they end up in my teeth and cause other problems. Maybe ground almonds instead?

    1. Totally Jean. Seeds are optional really and any ground nut would go great in it (almonds or even a little peanut butter).

  2. I am always and will be healthy fruit vegetable base they smoothie packed with carrots and kale and I was also add the chocolate love chocolate I do not want coffee I don’t drink coffee never will don’t editing anything if somebody offers it to me I’ll turn it down also to add in the recipe for me because I like it but some people have to look for and find something else to put in to find something that would taste better and keep looking until I find something to make it taste good for them well that’s fine but for me I would add and put in allthe ground fleece and chia seed because that’s what I like to drink it really taste good but people have questions about that drink but that’s OK I’m used to that understandbut the drink is really good and it’ll always be that way whether anybody believes it or not is really tasty drink and that’s what it stands for

  3. Is there any substitute for banana that can be used? Actually allergic to banana but wanted to try this sucker out…

    1. Hey Jesse! Of course… two ideas come to mind immediately for me: Avocado (creamy, subtle flavor) and pumpkin. Canned pumpkin might be really delicious actually and combine well with the coffee and coconut (think pumpkin spiced latte smoothie. :)

  4. Definitely cool not crazy. Just found your site through the FBP community and I have to say your recipes are pretty awesome. I love this pick-me-up morning smoothie because it combines the morning coffee ritual with the smoothie ritual. This equals the best ritual for me! What a great way to stay hydrated (coconut water) while drinking coffee. ;p

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