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Busy Bee

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The last few weeks have been pretty busy at our house. We’ve traveled some, had visitors, had a sick dog, and various home projects to keep up with.

Plus, you know… those things called jobs.

I did have time to finally give some love to our rose bushes in our backyard though and they immediately started blooming. I snapped this photo of a bee at work a few days ago.

Luckily, this weekend we don’t have too many obligations. I’m finally going to prioritize going to the large farmer’s market in Denver and also going to watch the US v. Portugal game on Sunday. Sometimes you just have to slow down a bit!

The Poll

I’m working my way through some old posts and figured I would give you all a chance to bring one back to life. Vote for your favorite and I’ll re-make it with new photos, etc.

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The Links

Here are a few things that are looking good around the web.

Summer Slaw Sandwiches – Slaw is one of the most overlooked sandwich toppers. These guys have a heavy dose of it along with fried pickles. Yea. You read that right. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Salmon Lettuce Wraps – I’m not sure it can get much healthier than this. This looks like a great light summer supper, especially if you grill the salmon! (@ Simply Recipes)

Rainbow Guacamole – One of my favorite appetizers jam-packed with crunchy veggies. I just love the colors here. (@ Food Loves Writing)

Sweet Corn Jalapeno Enchiladas – Sweet corn should be pretty available now and besides just grilling it and eating it off the cob, this Tex-Mex use is making my mouth water. (@ Girl Versus Dough)

Gluten-Free Malarkey – I’ve considered writing about this as its own post, but to be honest, I don’t feel knowledgable enough about the science to do so. My intuition though is that the gluten-free fad is largely overblown. Sure, some people have major reactions to gluten (Celiac Disease), but many are just hopping on the band wagon. (@ Ruhlman)

Have a great weekend everybody! If you need me, I’ll be watching the bees buzz.

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