Buh-Bye 2018


Buh-Bye 2018

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This year went incredibly fast for me. It absolutely is true that as your kids get older, time seems to speed up.

The most noteworthy thing in the Macheesmo blog world this year though was that this little website turned 10 years old. It’s pretty hard for me to believe that I’ve been writing here and posting recipes and photos for 10 (TEN!) years. I did a little re-cap earlier in the year on it!

I always think it’s fun to look back on the year and see what was popular with the Interwebs.

Here’s my TOP NINE recipes from the year. It’s always a little bit hard to compile these lists because so many of my most popular recipes are things I wrote 3-4 years ago. I had to weed through a hundred or so popular posts to find nine from this year! I guess that’s what happens when you write for a decade!

Top NINE Macheesmo Recipes from 2018

Chicken Fried Steak

This was a classic recipe I updated from many years ago. It’s one of my favorite comfort food recipes and people seemed to like it. Actually a video is coming soon on this guy as well!

How to Cook Glass Noodles

This was a complete surprise to me. This was just a quick tutorial I wrote on cooking glass noodles that completely took off. I guess people have secretly been wanting non-gummy sticky glass noodles. Go figure!

Sous-Vide Flank Steak

2018 was the year of Sous-vide for me. I really feel comfortable with it now as a cooking technique and am trying to preach about its amazingness to any and all home cooks. This flank steak was one of those recipes that feels fancy but is pretty straightforward.

Pickle Brined Chicken Wings

Wings always do well, but these wings did particularly great. This may have something to do with the fact that Men’s Health made a fun video of this recipe featuring yours truly!

Chili Tornado Potatoes

Someday I will run out of fun ways to make potatoes but I figure I have at least another decade of blogging before that happens. These little guys were fun and GOOOD. A perfect potato side in my opinion.

Homemade Pupusas

My masa game improved in 2018. I got a tortilla press finally and started making my own (need to write a post on that!) and I brought these homemade pupusas up from the archives. Man these pupusas are good and actually easier than making good tortillas.

The Nooch Sauce

Bob’s Red Mill challenged me to make a vegan nacho sauce with their nutritional yeast. It was hard to do but I finally landed on a recipe that I think works. It’s good on chips or SO many other things. Nooch sauce!

Sonoran Hot Dogs

These were one of my favorite things I grilled this year. Bacon wrapped dogs piled high with loads of toppings. One of these will run you $8-$10 at a baseball stadium, but you can make them at home for fractions of that.

Easy Lemon Chicken Skillet

Quick dinner ideas always do well on the blog and this one was a big hit this year. The quick lemon caper sauce is excellent and you can serve this chicken skillet over rice or on pasta.

HAPPY NEW YEARS everybody! 2019 is sure to be some more deliciousness!

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  1. Happy New Yeras Nick, I have enjoyed your food for many years and I hope this old woman can enjoy many more!!! Good luck and Happiness to your and your family for the new Year!

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