Broiled Grapefruit recipe from Macheesmo

Broiled Grapefruit

Broiled Grapefruit - This recipe is a quick and easy way to put a spin on grapefruit, just broil it quickly with a simple crumb topping. Perfect for Brunch!


Broiled Grapefruit

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After a long week of cooking and eating, I’m going to assume that most people are looking for something very quick and easy to make for brunch or breakfast.

One of my favorite quick breakfasts is a cut up grapefruit with a sprinkle of salt or sugar on top.

This recipe just kicks that up a notch by broiling the grapefruit with a tiny pinch of butter/sugar topping.  The topping caramelized a bit and makes something resembling a grapefruit creme brulee.

In other words, Broiled Grapefruit is really good.  Not to mention that it literally takes under 10 minutes.

Broiled Grapefruit

Serves 2-4
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Broiled Grapefruit recipe from Macheesmo
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This recipe is a quick and easy way to put a spin on grapefruit, just broil it quickly with a simple crumb topping. Perfect for Brunch!


2 grapefruits, halved and prepared
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch of salt


1) Preheat broiler on high.

2) Cut grapefruits in half and use a knife to cut out each segment away from the tough walls.

3) Mix butter, brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon and pinch of salt in a small bowl.

4) Top each grapefruit half with a good sprinkle of the topping.

5) Broil grapefruits on a baking sheet for about 4 minutes until the topping is caramelized.

6) Let cool briefly and serve immediately.

Broiled Grapefruit

Cutting the Grapefruit

The grapefruit is kind of an intimidating fruit.  It’s large and the wonderful fruit inside can be a bit tricky to get to.

I remember as a kid always asking my mom to cut up the grapefruit so I could easily scoop out each individual segment.  I still use the same technique today.

grapefruit - Broiled Grapefruit
One of my favorite fruits.

Just chop the grapefruit in half to reveal all of the individual segments.  Then take a sharp, small knife like a paring knife or steak knife and carefully cut out each segment.

This might seem like a lot of work, but it really only takes about a minute per grapefruit.  I usually run my knife around the outside of the fruit and then work on the inside, carefully cutting each segment from the hard rind part.

Be sure to cut on each side of each interior wall so every segment is loose and easy to scoop out.

sliced- Broiled Grapefruit
Get it?

That’s pretty much the hardest part of this Broiled Grapefruit recipe.

The Topping

This topping is about as easy as it gets.  It’s just even parts butter, brown sugar, and white sugar and then a pinch of cinnamon and salt.

topping Broiled Grapefruit
Hard to go wrong here…

Mash this all together with a fork and you’re ready to rock!

topping the Broiled Grapefruit recipe
A good crumb topping.

Broiling the Grapefruit

Sprinkle some of the topping on each grapefruit half.  You should have enough topping with this recipe to do two grapefruits.  I actually over-did the topping a bit on these two halves.  You could use less because it melts down anyway.

topping on Broiled Grapefruit
Ready for the broiler!

Set these under the broiler on high and broil them for about 3-4 minutes.

The butter and sugar will melt pretty quickly and caramelize a bit on the grapefruit.

It forms almost a candied crust on the top of the grapefruit segments.

Broiled Grapefruit recipe
Just a few minutes…

Because the segments are pre-cut, they are still really easy to scoop out.

The grapefruit is slightly warm and has a nice mix of sweet and salty.  It’s completely delicious.

bite of Broiled Grapefruit
Really good flavors.

Two of these halves (1 full grapefruit) is actually really filling.

If you’re were serving these as a side though, then I would just serve half a grapefruit per person.

leftovers - Broiled Grapefruit
The leftovers!

For a dish that takes under 10 minutes to make, it’s actually a really classy dish and very tasty.

I think even people that aren’t huge grapefruit fans would have a hard time not liking this Broiled Grapefruit.

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  1. You can’t go wrong with a bruleed topping! I’m not a fan of grapefruit, but I’m sure in this way, I might be a convert =)

  2. Hmmm… Like Peggy said, I’m not a grapefruit eater but this sounds so dang tastey, I might convert after this… I think I’ll buy my very first grapefruit just to try this out. Way to expand my tastebuds Nick!

  3. I made this over the weekend and yum yum yum. I love grapefruit, but this takes it to a whole ‘nother level. I was a little conservative on the cinnamon, as I wasn’t sure if I’d like that combo, but next time (because there will be a next time, oh yes) I am planning to add more. Also, I was thinking that putting a little finely chopped candied ginger in the butter/sugar mixture might also be delicious. Ginger and grapefruit seem like they are kinda made for each other. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing this dish! Now that it is citrus season I can eat broiled grapefruit all the time. :)

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