Breakfast Enchiladas

Homemade sausage and eggs wrapped in corn tortillas and slathered with a quick enchilada sauce. There's lot of cheese also of course.


Breakfast Enchiladas

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Holy Mother of Deliciousness. What have I done? This might not look like the most delicious thing, but trust me, it’s pretty up there in terms of savory brunch dishes in my opinion. This could also have something to do with the amount of beers I consumed the night before I made this.

This dish is a great example of how you can elevate the flavors in a dish by substituting store-bought ingredients with homemade. Instead of using store-bought sausage for the filling, I used some homemade breakfast sausage from last weekend. I also made my own enchilada sauce instead of using the canned stuff.

Prep time on the dish was probably a little over an hour start to finish. Totally worth it.

Breakfast Enchiladas

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Homemade sausage and eggs wrapped in corn tortillas and slathered with a quick enchilada sauce. There’s lot of cheese also of course.


Simple Enchilada Sauce:
6 large dried chiles (I used 3 anchos, 2 new mexico chiles, and 1 chipotle)
1-2 Cups water (from soaking chiles)
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 whole cloves, chopped really finely (or 1/2 Teaspoon ground cloves)
2 canned tomatoes (about a cup... if you use fresh you need to cook them down first)
Big pinch of salt and pepper
8 large eggs
1 pound breakfast sausage
1/3 Cup cream
4 Tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter
You'll also need:
12 corn tortillas
8 ounces cheddar cheese
Optional toppings like avocados, hot sauce, sour cream, etc.

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1) Remove stems and seeds from dried peppers and add them to a medium pot of simmering water.  Turn off heat and steep for 10-15 minutes until peppers are soft.

2) Add soft peppers, garlic, tomatoes, cloves, and about 1 Cup of water that the chiles steeped in to a blender and blend until smooth.  You might need to add more water depending on consistency.

3) Add sauce to medium saucepan and keep warm over low heat until ready to use.  If the sauce gets thick, add more chile water in small increments.

4) Add eggs, cream, and butter to a medium saucepan and over low heat, stir until the eggs start to cook, about 10-15 minutes.  They should cook very slowly.

5) When the eggs appear to be about halfway cooked, add cooked sausage to the eggs and continue to stir until eggs are almost done, but definitely undercooked.  Remove from heat.

6) To make the enchiladas, take a corn tortilla and dip it in the sauce.  Remove it and top it with a few tablespoons of egg/sausage filling.  Roll it up and add it to a baking dish.  Repeat until all the filling is used (about 12 enchiladas).

7) Pour extra sauce over top of the enchiladas and add grated cheese.

8) Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees until cheese is melted.

9) Serve with sides like avocado, salsa, hot sauce, or sour cream.

The Enchilada Sauce

You can 100% use a canned enchilada sauce and this meal will still be plenty delicious. I just wanted to take it to the next level by making my own. It only takes a few minutes really and makes for a much more interesting and unique dish.

To start, you’ll need some dried chiles. I pulled out a few from a huge bag of random dried chiles I keep in my pantry. Just chop off the stems and shake out the seeds. It’s okay if there are some seeds left.

dried peppers
The only way to go.

Add the chiles to some simmering water and let them soak for about 10-15 minutes until they are soft. Don’t throw out this water! It’s like a chile stock and we can use it to add flavor to the sauce later.

Don’t throw out this water!

I used a few basic other ingredients for this sauce. You can make a tomato-less chile sauce, but I really like having some tomato flavor. I used a few fire roasted whole tomatoes from a can. I also chopped up a few cloves of garlic and few whole cloves.

The cloves give the sauce a really unique flavor. I got the idea for the cloves from this Simply Recipes chili sauce recipe. Elise didn’t use tomatoes in hers though and I like the tomato flavor.

other ingredients
Cloves are interesting but awesome.

Add all the sauce ingredients to a blender and give them a whirl! Add some reserved water from the chile steeping in 1/4 cup increments until you get the desired consistency. I probably used about 1 cup of water for mine. Using the chile stock added a lot of flavor.

sauce blended
I don’t think I need to tell you how good this was.

Pour the sauce back into a small saucepan and put it over low heat to keep it warm. It’ll probably start to simmer and if it starts to get too thick, just add some more chile stock to the sauce to keep it relatively thin. While my sauce was keeping warm, I probably stirred in another 1/2 Cup of water while I prepped my other stuff.

The Filling

The filling for these enchiladas is a pretty standard scrambled egg and sausage filling. I used homemade breakfast sausage and cooked my eggs using the slow method. For more details on this method (which produces the best scrambled eggs you’ll ever have), check out my how to cook scrambled eggs post.

To start, add the eggs, cream, and butter to a large pan and put them over low heat. That’s right. Low heat. You want to cook them slowly, not quickly. That keeps them silky smooth.

Good scrambled eggs.

Break up the eggs and slowly stir them. As they heat up, they will start to cook. After about 10 minutes of slow stirring you’ll have something that looks like this (you’re about halfway done).

slow cooking
Worth the wait people.

At this point, I added my sausage (which I reheated first) and put back on low heat. After another 5-10 minutes of slow stirring, your eggs will be done.

They should be a bit undercooked. Remember that we are going to bake this all together so the eggs will set-up at that point.

eggs done
Still a bit undercooked.

Making the enchiladas

I like to use corn tortillas for my enchiladas, but flour would work also I think. I just dunk the tortilla in the hot enchilada sauce which loosens it up a bit and then set it on a plate.

Put on a few tablespoons of filling and roll it up!

The fun part!

It’s a messy job, but doesn’t take too long. I was able to get about 12 enchiladas out of this filling. I filled out two small baking dishes (or you could use one 9×13 dish). I added some extra sauce on top as well.

All lined up.

Cover this dish with grated cheese and pop it in a 350 degree oven until the cheese is melted and bubbling (about 15-20 minutes).

Then serve up the enchiladas with sides of your choosing. I went with avocados!

finished enchilada
I wish Macheesmo had smell-o-browsing.

These were pretty sloppy but as far as enchiladas go they were awesome. There was a bit of sweetness from the sausage and the eggs were perfectly cooked.

The whole dish was just pretty scrumptious. In my opinion, this is a good example of how much you an improve a dish by taking a few extra minutes to make something from scrach. In this case, the enchilada sauce really stole the show even though the sausage was also homemade.

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  1. A surprisingly delicious breakfast burrito or enchilada can be made with sarimi (imitation crab) along with all the regular stuff in there. It really is much better than you'd expect. Yours look awesome.

  2. These enchiladas contain a zillion calories, a big amount of fat and an outrageous amount of cholesterol.

    Though yumi I'll have to pass.

    But hey, you are a hard worker and one of my preferred blogers.

    1. Meh… they aren't that bad. Each enchilada has less than one egg, a bit over one ounce of sausage, less than one ounce of cheese, and the sauce is pretty much all dried peppers and spices.

      There's some butter and cream in the eggs. If they are outrageous anything, they're outrageously delicious! :)

      1. Good call, Nick. Especially if you use corn tortillas over flour, and make your own breakfast sausage (draining the excess grease as you go instead of letting it fry in its own fat, preferrably), these tortillas aren’t bad at all. Eggs are good, protein is good, corn tortillas are lower calorie and avoid the fat added in flour tortillas to make them pliable. Other than the cream (barely a teaspoon per enchilada!), this is a great breakfast food.

  3. What a great blog! I found your site this morning and have made my way back to August 2010 so far. Can I admit I’ve done nothing all day but read your blog and munch on Tex Mex since you’ve made me so hungry? All the posts are starting to blur now, but what do you think about making this into an Enchilada Lasagna (like you did when you made Alton Brown’s recipe)? Do you think any major changes would be needed? Thanks so much!

  4. Sides with the enchiladas. “I went with Avocados”. Well good god, is there anything else. ” Avocados are gods gift to the world. I think the Mexicans were way ahead of the rest of the world with avocados.

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