The 10 Most Popular Posts

Roy G. Biv Smoothies – A smoothie for every color of the rainbow!

Brickle – One of the best desserts and treats I’ve ever had and it is really easy to make. The variations on it are pretty much endless.

Mashed Potato Pizza – Definitely the most popular post of all time on Macheesmo. Also, possibly the most delicious.

Breakfast Sandwiches – No more need for fast food places.  Make up a big batch of these over the weekend and you’re all set.

Four Homemade Cleaners – Betsy is on a homemade cleaner kick.  Here are four quick recipes that we still use.

3 Delicious Cream Cheese Apps – An oldy but a goody.  Can’t go wrong with cream cheese!

Poblano Chile Rellenos  – My intro to chile rellenos.  Stuffed with spinach and cheese and lightly fried.

Homemade Tater Tots – A bit work, but totally worth it for special occasions.

Cherry Chocolate Pancakes – A pancake version of one of my favorite ice creams!

Life Changing Bread – One of my first posts and one of my most used.  Just a quick walkthrough on how to make really good no knead bread at home.

Nick’s Favorites (not already listed)

Chorizo and Yam Tacos – I’m always up for a good taco and these were really delicious and unique.

Game Day Popcorn – Popcorn is one of my favorite things. I try a sweet and savory variety.

Pork Rib Roast with Veg – This was one of the best pork dishes I’ve ever made.

Near Perfect Nachos – If you really want to make a killer dish of nachos, this is the only way to go.

Chicken Saltimbocca – Kind of an elegant dish, but actually easy to make and very tasty.

Ring-a-ding Wing – I make three different chicken wing varieties. Let me tell you a secret: The dry rub rocks.

Eggplant Parm Empanadas – These were so tasty. Everything worked in this dish.

Psychedelic Cupcakes – Colorful, fun, and very good cupcakes. Also, homemade buttercream frosting.

A Bloody Benedict Brunch – Bloody Marys and a few different varieties of eggs benedict.

Four New Ways to Make Ramen – Some interesting variations on Ramen. Lots of interesting comments also.

Macheesmo Mud – There was a period of time where I was making this homemade queso dip about once a week.