Beet Bloody Mary

6-8 drinks
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beet bloody mary
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These bright red Bloody Mary cocktails get their color from sweet roasted beets and a little spice from hot sauce and horseradish!


Beet Bloody Mix:

3 medium beets, roasted
3 cups tomato juice
2 tablespoons pickle juice
1 lemon, juice only
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon horseradish
1 teaspoon hot sauce
1/2 teaspoon celery salt
Salt, to taste

Bloody Mary:

3 ounces chilled vodka
3-4 ounces bloody mary mix
Olives, garnish
Pickle slices, garnish
Celery stalk, garnish


1) Cut the ends off the beets and roast them on a baking sheet for an hour at 350 degrees F. Let the beets cool slightly, then peel and cube into 1/2 inch slices.

2) Add roasted beets to a blender with one cup of tomato sauce. Pulse until beets are completely liquified. Then add other mix ingredients and blend on high until smooth. Season with salt to taste.

Store mix in the fridge in an air tight container for two weeks. Shake before using.

To make a drink, pour 2-3 ounces of vodka in a glass with ice. Pour in mix and garnish with celery stick, pickles, and olives.