Beating the Blue Box – Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Making a quick version of macaroni and cheese that can hold up to the boxed stuff is actually harder than you might think. I try out three versions!


Beating the Blue Box – Stovetop Mac and Cheese

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I’ve been on a six-year quest to beat the Blue Box (you know the one). It’s not that I have a problem with making it for my kiddos, but I just feel like I should be able to beat it.

And sure, I can make a version of macaroni and cheese that I like more than the box, but making one that I like and my kids love is a tough one.

On this episode of The Dinnernet, I tackle Stovetop Mac and Cheese! I make three different versions from three different websites trying to BEAT THE BLUE BOX!

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  1. I added items to my shopping list so I can make the ‘Marry Me Mac & Cheese’ from Broma Bakery. For the American cheese, rather than use slices as you did in the video and Sarah calls for on her site (, I’ll buy a single piece from the deli department of my favorite supermarket then use the grater blade for my food processor and grate all 3 cheeses that way. Saves time and money and you don’t get all the packaging of the slices or extra additives in the pregrated cheeses. I concur with you and will cut the recipe in half.

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