Around the Internet Kitchen – You Go Obams


Around the Internet Kitchen – You Go Obams

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I will not typically write about politics on Macheesmo, but I’ll just say that I was relieved on Tuesday night. As a Washingtonian, I was fairly worried about what would have happened in the streets if he would have lost. Instead of riots, there were parties. I’m talking impromptu drum circles in the streets at 1AM parties. Never seen anything like it.

But enough about the all of that. I’m sure all of you have heard nothing but politics for the last week. Here’s some links about food.

The Food Issue – Michael Pollan wrote an absolutely astounding article on the state of food production in the United States. It is addressed to the new President-Elect and succinctly discusses one very important issue that was completely missed on the campaign trail. Food production is intricately tied to everything we do in this country, but most people don’t realize it. This is the article I would recommend to anyone who cares about what their kids will be eating in 20 years. (@ NY Times)

See what I did there? I said I was going to talk about food, but then I talked about politics again. Tricked you! Ok. I’ll really talk about food now.

Lomi Lomi Salmon – I thought I’d bring a nice Hawaiian recipe to the mix. I found this by browsing through Tyler Florence’s dishes. I’ve never actually made it (but I probably will). I can assure you though that it is quality. Florence isn’t known for making poor dishes. I think this dude is making some of the best dishes on the Food Network right now. And trust me, I watch an embarrassing amount of Food Network. (@ Food Network)

Millionaire Shortbread – I sort of imagine in my sick mind that Barack called up his campaign manager after he won and said, “How much money do we have left in bank?” Probably like 50 mil. Obviously he will donate it or give it to the DNC for future campaigns. Is it wrong to want to request this money, in cash, just for an hour to roll around in while eating this shortbread? Because that is what I would do. (@ Food Network again)

Ok. So while I said I wasn’t going to talk about politics, every single link has been about Obama or politics. I assure you the below link is not about either.

Crab Rangoons – I had never read this website before I saw this recipe, but it looks amazing and the photos are mind blowing. I almost ordered some take-out crab rangoons right after I read this. A good crab rangoon is crispy and the filling is a bit sweet. These look like they would fit that description perfectly. (@

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