Around the Internet Kitchen: Vote for a Dish


Around the Internet Kitchen: Vote for a Dish

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DC has been in the midst of some very serious thunderstorms and rain this entire week. It’s been a bit depressing. Also being woken up at 3AM by thunder knocking on my window and a cat that thinks it is the apocalypse is not my idea of a good time.

Anyway, I’m trying out a new idea this Friday that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Along with my normal links that I post on Friday, I’m also going to post a quick poll with a few different ideas for dishes.

You guys and gals vote on a dish and whichever one wins I make next week. I’ll keep the results a secret also, because surprises are fun. Here’s the first one!
(Note: If you are reading this in email/RSS, I’m not sure that the poll will work.)

Now for some links!

Bulalo – I had never heard of this, but man does it look good. It is basically a stew that is made by cooking beef marrow for a very long time until all the collagen has melted into the broth. I bet this is extremely flavorful. (@ no recipes)

BLT from scratch – I would love to enter this competition, but it might be too intense for me. I am considering giving it a shot though. The idea is that you make your take on a BLT except you make as much of the ingredients as possible. That includes growing your own tomatoes, making your own bacon and mayonnaise. It should go without saying that you best make the bread. The good news is that you have a long time to do it.(@ Ruhlman blog)

BBQ Chicken Wraps – My rival foodie has been taking his lunch to work recently. He isn’t taking a turkey sandwich though. These wraps look very killer. Although he will always be my bitter rival and nemesis, I have to admit that I occasionally like his style. (@ TFIMB)

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to vote for a dish you want me to make! Have a good weekend everyone!

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