Around the Internet Kitchen: Tweet Tweet Love


Around the Internet Kitchen: Tweet Tweet Love

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I’ve been trying to get more active on Twitter these days. When I am active on it I always find that I get really great information and love the experience.

When I talk about how I’m “on Twitter” or “Tweeting” I get questions about how Twitter is useful. A lot of people are skeptical. My take on Twitter is that it’s most useful if you have a focused purpose. You have to follow people of similar interest and Tweet mainly about things on your topic. That way people can follow you if they’re interested in your topic and they know that you’ll be talking mainly on that topic (with the occasional off topic tweet).

I sent out a quick tweet this week to get some links for this post. This shows the power of Twitter. You can send out a question (What should I link to tomorrow?) and get a lot of great responses!

Here were the responses which will serve also as my links for the week!

@LisaKennelly How about the story this week about cheese made from breast milk? That’s pretty “interesting”: Haha. Ok. That’s pretty intense.

And as a follow up: The comments on his original blog post ( will blow your mind. Key lime pie made with breast milk???

@WillBlog4FoodDC Check out Dan Barber’s Ted Talk. Great speech. I love TED talks.

@NotDerbyPie You could share my whole fish roast project. Gladly. Red snapper baked in salt crust?! Awesome.

@MangoTomato Homemade Vanilla Extract! I’ve been meaning to try this for months!

Oh and there is a poll of course!

[polldaddy poll=”2830098″]

Have a good weekend everyone! I’ll be spending the weekend cooking and watching college basketball!

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  1. Heh… By the title, I thought this post would be about the love Twitter folk give you. :P

    But on-topic, people often wonder how I tolerate Twitter when I can't stand Facebook, and it's exactly that philosophy of needing a focused purpose to be on there. I hates me the Facebook (my grandmother tried to add me, so I deleted the account a week after I opened it).

  2. Me too! I took the day off just to watch second round games. Thinking sriracha hot wings, twice baked potatoes, and such for a pub fare type dinner.

  3. Love twitter. It's the place to meet friends that share a common interest. Facebook is the place where old sort of used to be friends or not find you, which or may not be cool. When all your relatives and co-workers, employers, employees, are following you, it can cause for some editing of posts. Twitters helps you move forward, facebook takes you to the past, a place I don't want to go.

  4. I agree completely that you need a focused purpose and/or something to promote. It makes the whole experience more worthwhile and educational. Otherwise, in my opinion, if you are just a regular person with general interests, there really isn't any reason to be on Twitter. It would be boring in my opinion. I only joined once I had my blog and wanted to learn more about food and food blogging. It has been a rewarding experience for sure.

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