Around the Internet Kitchen – Tipsy Edition


Around the Internet Kitchen – Tipsy Edition

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This is not an “Around the Internet Kitchen” dedicated to liquor or the 2004 smash J-Kwon hit “Tipsy.” This post is dedicated to the new love of my life – Tipsy the kitten!


After a substantial amount of paperwork and a trip to Petco, she is finally home and appears to be fairly happy. She never bites or scratches and, in fact, I think she loves us.



Don’t worry. I know. This is not Icanhascheezburger. This site is about food. So here are some links on that subject:

Interview with The Bitten Word – The Washingtonian had an awesome interview with the guys over at The Bitten Word. It was recently their one year anniversary and it’s really entertaining to hear about how they got where they are and also they speak about some of their successes and failures. It’s an awesome interview. (@ The Washingtonian)

Heart Shaped Cream CakesAs you can imagine there was a lot of interesting Valentine’s Day desserts floating around the Internet this week, but there were a few that I thought were especially cool. Zoe and her son Henri make these really beautiful, and I bet very delicious, cakes. (@ Zoe Bakes)

Chocolate Dipped Brownies – Take a brownie. A good one. Dip it in chocolate that is colored bright red. Decorate it so that it looks so good you don’t even want to eat it. Give it to your lover. Be adored. (@ Recipe Girl)

I Heart Macarons – Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks Helen runs one of the best food blogs around. Her photographs are amazing and her recipes are even amazing-er. She’s also working on a cookbook. So as you can imagine, these macarons are beautiful and tasty I’m sure. (@ Tartlette)

That’s all the links for this week. Have a good weekend everybody.

How cute is my cat?!

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  1. Nevans! The kitty is so adorable. And a black cat on the 13th – how cool… hope all is well.

  2. ehn! tipsy is teh kyoot! no cans wait to capshun her picturrs! u must teech her teh lolspeak, so dat we canz be interwebz frendz! yay kittehs!

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