Around the Internet Kitchen: The Swelter


Around the Internet Kitchen: The Swelter

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It not even full-on summer yet and I’m already completely miserable in DC. I’m just not built for this kind of heat! Granted, we did have one of the hottest May’s on record last month, but still, it’s just too hot. I’m so much more comfortable in a cool climate.

I was telling my heat woes to Betsy last weekend and she reminded me that we almost moved to New Orleans instead of Colorado. In hindsight, I’m not sure I would’ve made it! I love to be outdoors but I would’ve became a complete recluse in the Southern heat.

Colorado, however, I can completely do. I’m looking forward to some moderate summers there!

I’ve been hearing that I should cook something with Rhubarb this time of year but I’ll let you all pick what I cook.

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And a few links!

When Parents Stand in the Way of Good School Food – An absolutely fascinating article and very intense comment discussion on getting better food in schools. Turns out sometimes the parents are the hardest group to win over – shockingly. (@ Spoon Fed)

Don’t Eat This. Don’t Eat ThatI’m always impressed with Darya’s ability to cut through the fat (ha!) and really get to the issue. I’ve definitely had this similar feeling when I’ve seen these segments on the today show and stuff but could never figure out how to articulate it. This is very well written, plus has tons of helpful information on healthy eating in a time crunch. (@ Summer Tomato)

Pea and Herb Stuffed Flatbread – I’m a huge fan of making flatbread at home. Since there’s no yeast in these they take only a few minutes to pull together and can add a huge amount of flavor to a dinner. I never thought about taking it to the next step and using the flatbread as a carrier for a delicious filling! Looks amazing. (@ Healthy-Delicious)

Dark Chocolate Dipped Macarons – I’ve never actually made macarons and looking at this post, I’m not sure why. They don’t appear to be that difficult and man do they look good. I don’t even have a sweet tooth, but I want a few of these! (@ Sprouted Kitchen)

Have a good weekend everybody!

Photo by afagen.

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  1. Love Colorado! We lived there for 6 years. We are moving back in about 2-3 years. I can't wait. The heat and humidity of the midwest sucks.

  2. I've lived in Colorado for the last 11 years. LOVE IT! Normally there is no humidity. It does get very hot in the summer 90 plus but since it's pretty dry it's not so bad. There are days I don't want to sit outside at a cafe or lunch spot in the sun, way too hot. Shade is doable.

  3. We moved 2 years ago from Maryland to Chicago. It's usually great here – especially with the lake. When we do have the humid days, they still aren't as bad as a single day in DC during the summer. I'm trying the rhubarb tarts on smittenkitchen this weekend.

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