Around the Internet Kitchen: The Dance


Around the Internet Kitchen: The Dance

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I don’t really follow college basketball that much throughout the year, but who doesn’t love March Madness?! It makes for great sports. I hope they don’t decide to expand it because why mess with a perfect thing?!

Anyway, even though I know practically nothing about basketball I always fill out a bunch of brackets. This year, just for fun, I filled out a bracket completely randomly. Basically I just filled out a blank bracket knowing the seeds but not what teams where where and then laid it over the actual bracket.

As you might guess, so far that bracket is doing the best of the 6 I’ve filled out. Better to be lucky than good I always say!

Anyway, even if you don’t care about basketball, take this weekend as an opportunity to spend some time with friends, have a few cold ones and root for the team with the best mascot or something!

I have 4 different champs in various brackets, but if I had to pick just one, It’d be Syracuse. Why? Because I like their style. Do I need a better reason?

And a poll that’s appropriate for the weekend…

[polldaddy poll=”2922182″]

A few links…

The Fast Food Bracket – In honor of March Madness, this is the best fast food bracket. There’s voting involved so get over there and check it out. Some of them I’ve never heard of, but it’s all in good fun! (@ So Good)

Keller’s Roast Chicken – I really need to get this cookbook. And I really need to try this roasted chicken recipe. I’m kind of on the hunt for the best roasted chicken. Right now Zuni’s chicken is in the lead, but this looks like a strong contender. (@ Simply Recipes)

Corned Beef – I really need to have a bigger kitchen/fridge situation so I can get into some curing and charcuterie. I guess you don’t really need a huge kitchen for this though. Just a big bag of some sort. I’m sure this is good though! PS. I don’t love his new font… (@ Ruhlman)

Shephard’s Pie Burgers – Kind of a batty idea, but I must say they look good. I’m never opposed to putting mashed potatoes on things that typically don’t have mashed potatoes on them. It’s usually an improvement. (@ TFIMB)

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Orange Zest – I had a fight with red velvet cupcakes two nights ago. I had dreams of making delicious ones. Ones like this. It’s not that my version didn’t taste okay, but they looked like a trainwreck. And we all know that we eat first with the eyes! (@ Sassy Radish)

Have a good weekend everyone! Go Basketball!

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  1. Oh, fried bananas are the best! You just have to dip them in a delicious batter first, and then you have banana fritters! One of my dad's fave treats…

  2. Update: IF it wasn’t blatantly obvious… I wrote this poll at around 11PM after more than a few cold ones.

    I do not actually know how to fry a banana… but I’ll give it my best shot!

  3. I voted for "stick" because corndogs and any variation thereof are an 11 on a awesome scale of 1-10.

    I did not fill out a bracket because my beloved Tarheels were not on it this year. First time I've watched the NIT in 7 or 8 years.

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