Around the Internet Kitchen: Stateside


Around the Internet Kitchen: Stateside

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Betsy and I returned from our European vacation on Wednesday night and I’m still pretty jet-lagged from the whole deal. I’m writing this at about 9 PM on Thursday and my body hates me. Luckily, a 3 day weekend is in my near future which I need to recover from my vacation (if that makes any sense at all). It was great to have some time off from work and, honestly, from Macheesmo. I have a ton of new ideas for the site that I actually feel like I have the energy to implement over the summer so expect to see some new stuff soon.

Even though it was an awesome trip (more details in a future post), I am glad to be home. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

But for now, a few links:

How to Save Money on Food – Over the last three years, JD has accumulated a huge amount of tips on how to save money on food. These are some of the best that he has had. A great list of tools and resources to help cut your grocery bill. Some of the techniques I think are more helpful than others, but it is a list definitely worth looking at. Also, the comments are awesome. People listed tons of great tips and additional links. (@ Get Rich Slowly)

Food, Inc.I’m assuming that at some point this new documentary will make its way to DC and I hope it is good enough to make its way all over the US. That said, I obviously haven’t seen it yet and I don’t know exactly what issues they tackle. There is some basic info on the movie and also the trailer in this post. (@ So Good Blog)

Absinthe Ice Cream – I was just in Amsterdam for 6 days and while I didn’t actually try the green liquid, I must say that I would if it would’ve been offered to me in this form. Looks just amazing. I hear that it is possible to get absinthe in the states these days although I haven’t confirmed that rumor personally. (@ David Lebovitz)

Winning Foodie Fighter – Not sure if you guys are all following Foodie Fights, but it is still happening every other week and the competition is getting intense. People are starting to do crazy things. You can check out the full results and we had some very good guest judges for this post. (@ Burning Pasta and @ Foodie Fights)

Have a good (long) weekend everyone!

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  1. You can absolutely get Absinthe stateside these days – Johnny’s Half-Shell in DC has at least seven brands on hand as well as a traditional absinthe fountain for louching (pouring water over a sugar cube into the drink to create that traditional cloudy look.

    As a result of the ready availability these days, you’re starting to see quite a few versions of the classic New Orleans Sazerac showing up on bar menus. Absinthe has a sweet, licorice-like flavor, similar to an anisette and somewhat less astringent than sambucca.

  2. I am sure it will not be surprising to you that we have a bottle of absinthe at our house. I dread the evening when the boys decide to pop that bad boy open.

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