Around the Internet Kitchen – Sickness


Around the Internet Kitchen – Sickness

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I’ve been grossly ill for the entire week. It’s not like a flu or strep throat thing though. When I wake up in the morning, I just feel like I was hooked up to “The Machine” from The Princess Bride for 10 hours.

While I was in the store looking to buy some relief from my burning throat I saw a big bag of Luden’s cherry throat drops. I don’t think I’ve actually had these since I was 7, but I remember them vividly as being very tasty and ineffective. How did they dream up marketing Jolly Ranchers as throat drops? Genius!

Also, I was watching the news yesterday when I heard about Google’s latest revelation: The Google Flutrends. I now spend an obscene amount of time following the flu trends of the nation and when I meet someone from an area with moderate to high flu levels, I immediately judge them.

Chicken Soup for The American Soul – When you are sick there is nothing like a hot boil of fresh chicken soup. The warm chicken stock and rich vegetables are just so soothing. In fact, I made a huge pot of my own yesterday that I’m looking forward to eating for the next many meals. I love Pim’s recipe here because it is very easy, but it is lacking one thing which I consider absolutely essential to this soup: egg noodles. Regardless, it is a fantastic recipe. (@ Chez Pim)

Awesome Chicken Pot Pie – Now this is basically just chicken soup on steroids. Also, SK is one of the best food blogs on the Internets right now in my humble opinion. So now you have two reasons to click the link! I think I’m going to have to try a Macheesmo version of this once Winter really sets in. (@ Smitten Kitchen)

Speed Peel a Potato – If you are sick and need to peel a bunch of potatoes this might come in quite handy. I’m extremely skeptical on whether this actually works, but I will definitely try it the next time I have to peel potatoes. My question, and I’m just playing Devil’s advocate, is that by the time you get a large pot of boiling water boiled and a bowl of ice water chilled, couldn’t you have just peeled all of the potatoes? Anyway, it sure does look cool! (@ Youtube or @ Waitless)

Zeer – This is a really interesting site that you may already know about as it was recently listed as one of Time’s 50 most interesting websites. Macheesmo just barely missed the cut. Anyway, the site is dedicated to reviews of actual products in stores and you can look up all of the nutritional information before you go shopping. I haven’t even begun to really dive into this site yet, but it has serious potential. (@ well, Zeer)

Have a solid weekend and try to stop by Macheesmo tomorrow – I’m making crepes! I’m sorry. I mean crêpes!

Photo by xobellefemme.

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  1. I remember Luden's! Didn't do any good, but tasted good to my little-girl taste buds.

    Have you tried Zicam to make the cold less severe?

    As for chicken soup, I've become a total fan of The Splendid Table's Garlic Soup — chicken stock, obscene amounts of garlic, and I think some egg. Couldn't find it on the web, but if you have the book, look there. Terrific.

  2. broken links: neither the youtube potato link, nor the zeer link work at this time.
    I realize that it’s an old page and you may not wish to change it (or care very much), but I thought I’d mention it.

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