Around the Internet Kitchen: Schedule Change!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Schedule Change!

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This week I’m doing my normal Internet kitchen post on Thursday instead of Friday because I’m competing in a food blog battle tomorrow versus Veggie Girl! I won’t give away the two ingredients before tomorrow, but I’ll tell you that the battle is all Vegan. I cannot express how incredibly hard this was for me as a complete meat and cheese lover. But the point of these battles is to explore new stuff, so I was happy to give the vegan challenge a shot!

We are planning on posting our entries tomorrow at 9 PM. So basically check it out Saturday morning and vote for your favorite. I usually like to post battles on Mondays, but I’m a very nice person and Veggie Girl asked to post on Friday night so that is cool with me.

Now for some links!

Foodie Fights #1 Results The people have voted (332 people) and the guest judges have added their votes. And we having a winner in the first ever Foodie Fights battle. Check it out! (@ Foodie Fights)

The Twitter Recipe Challenge – The idea is simple. Take a complicated recipe and condense it into 140 characters. A kind of fun game and challenge but ultimately it takes me longer to decipher the crazy Twitter posts than it would to just read a normal recipe. (@ Diner’s Journal)

Ice Cream Clowns and Golden Girls – Hilarious, but apparently Cafe Fernando has been chosen to adapt the Golden Girls series in Turkish. To celebrate he made these ridiculous ice cream clown sundaes which sort of scared me because I think clowns are creepy. (@ Cafe Fernando)

How to Make Wonton Soup – Wonton soup is one of those things that I absolutely love, but I’ve never tried making it. This photo walk-through makes the whole thing seem very manageable. (@ Recipe Girl)

So be sure to check back some time Saturday to see a very interesting, all Vegan, cook off!

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