Around the Internet Kitchen: San Francisco!


Around the Internet Kitchen: San Francisco!

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I’m in San Francisco right now (yay for scheduled posts) for a friend’s wedding. I can already tell you what my favorite part of San Francisco is today: 58 degrees.

It’s possible that I’ll go the entire weekend without sweating! That’s unheard of in DC this time of year.

One of my really good friends from college is getting married which is very cool. My college friends are a bit… what’s the word… crazy. The last wedding we were together during (besides my own) I ended up in the Austin, TX hospital at 3AM with a busted head.

This means that as you’re reading this I’m most likely either A) recovering from a serious night out B) still experiencing a serious night out.

Because I’m kitchenless this weekend, there’s no poll, but don’t worry. I have some cool stuff planned for next week.

Let’s do some links though!

Secret Ingredient (Has Sound) – I posted this a few days ago on twitter, but feel the need to talk about it any chance I get. It’s an amazing video montage of every Iron Chef secret ingredient reveal. Awesome and hilarious. (@ Youtube)

Angels on Horseback – Ok. This might be the strangest recipe name ever. I’ve definitely never heard of it before but it sounds pretty amazing. Saddle up! (@ Simply Recipes)

Heirloom Tomato Salad – I tried to explain to my Dad over the phone a few days ago what an heirloom tomato was. He was more than confused. “It’s like a tomato that tastes better. It’s uglier. And more expensive.” Anyway, I like them because you can make awesome salads like this one. (@ Amateur Gourmet)

Watermelon Mango Salad with Blue Cheese – Good Hot Summer I need this! Watermelon and blue cheese are one of those hidden treasure flavor combos that’s just amazing. (@ Blue Kitchen)

Have a great weekend everybody! If you need me, I’ll be yelling Mazel Tov!

Photo by Darwin Bell.

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  1. At every party I had in high school, my mom made these things my friends ended up calling mansnacks (a name which totally creeps out my current roommate). They’re tatertots wrapped in bacon. Good enough that on more than one occasion someone stole a pan of ’em out of the oven and ran outside to hide so they didn’t have to share.
    My fat-kid inclination is to take those over angels on horseback, any day.

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