Around the Internet Kitchen: Relaxation


Around the Internet Kitchen: Relaxation

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I’ve been a weee bit hi-strung lately. But I’ve crossed some big things off my to-do list so I’m gonna focus on recharging the batteries this weekend. Luckily, it’s a long weekend so I have even more time to recharge!

I don’t have a lot of specific plans but I’m definitely grilling at least once. It’s Memorial Day after all. I also plan to go on at least one long jog, if not two. Plus there will obviously be lots of time with Betsy and Tipsy. I owe them both some good quality time!

But also, the long weekend means I’ll have plenty of time to get some cooking done!

I kept this poll kind of mysterious. Should be fun.

[polldaddy poll=”3266560″]

A few links!

Battle Burger! We have a rocking battle happening at Foodie Fights this weekend. Battle burger is going to be perfect for the weekend. I have no idea what the six competitors are going to do, but I’d encourage you to check it out, bookmark it and check it out again on Tuesday when the delicious burgers are posted! (@ Foodie Fights)

Beyond the BurgerTo keep on the burger theme, Mr. Bittman had an awesome article yesterday on the burger. He gives some great advice that I definitely agree with… the most important of which is to steer away from cheap grocery store ground meat. It’s really not worth the packaging it comes in. (@ The Minimalist)

Five Memorial Weekend MealsA great quick roundup of some very inventive recipes that would be perfect for this weekend if you’re at a loss as to what to make and what to try something a bit adventurous. (@ No Recipes)

Making GorgonzolaA very cool photo walk-through of a dairy making Gorgonzola. Looks awesome and also happens to be one of my favorite cheeses! (@ Recipe Girl)

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Photo by Stuck in Customs.

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  1. congrats on finally getting the book out! and congrats to both of us for getting foodiefights off the ground. we are awesome. i am about to do my first weekend grill session! burger lunch.

  2. Brilliant idea for the e-book.

    Great links – totally agree with Bittman on the ground meat – I haven't bought ground meat in years – grind my own with my KitchenAid mixer meat grinder attachment.

    Have a nice relaxing weekend!

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