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Around the Internet Kitchen – Pure Madness

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I’m not one of those super-crazy basketball fans, but I can’t help but be interested in March Madness. Hands down it is one of the best sporting events ever. It’s very awesome to see so much talent and skill play it out. None of that bowl game business. A real winner is determined and that is awesome.

Plus it is always a good opportunity to cook good food, drink good drinks and hang out with friends… for three weeks. You have to love it.

Let’s talk links!

Obama’s Bracket – ESPN posted Obama’s bracket earlier this week. If you missed it, it is interesting to see. I really like that there are teams crossed out. Although I’m not sure what it says that he took the time to fill it out. Shouldn’t he be saving the world? (@ ESPN)

Who Owns the Organics? – This is a pretty crazy chart that someone sent out on Twitter a few days ago. Can’t remember the user, sorry. Anyway, it shows all of the major organic food companies and who owns them. Most of them are somehow owned by major agricultural companies. Wild stuff. (@ MSU)

Comparing March Madness and Food – This is an awesome post that compares some basketball people to food. The comments are getting good also as people add to the list. My fave so far is definitely Hasheem Thabeet = Fruit by the Foot. (@ Endless Simmer)

Moroccan Chick Peas – If you are looking for something healthier than my wings to make for the tourney this weekend, these are a different. Roasted with tons of spice. They would be kind of fun to just snack on. I bet you could use the same spices on some sort of nut and it would be delicious. (@ Vanilla Sugar)

Five Meals in Five Hours – Over the next five days, each day will feature a recipe that takes less than one hour to make. Oh. And they are awesome recipes. (@ Whisk)

Have a good weekend everyone. Good luck in the brackets!

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