Around the Internet Kitchen – O Christmas Tree


Around the Internet Kitchen – O Christmas Tree

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We got a Christmas tree this week, and while it might be tiny, it is perfect for us. We splurged for a live one because they smell so great. Also, it adds a lot of happiness to our quaint little apartment. Not that we are short on happiness, but it’s impossible to have too much – kind of like whiskey.

Now for some links about food:

Lime and Chile Shrimp with Chipotle Dip A fantastic little recipe for an appetizer. You could take these guys to a holiday party or something and be the star of the show. No doubt. Or you could do what they suggest – pop open a good bottle of wine, get a movie started, and eat them all. (@ Peppercorn Press)

Gumbo for Dummies I needed this! My Mom asked me to bring home a good gumbo recipe that we can cook up over Christmas. I knew this would require some learning because I’ve probably eaten gumbo 4 times in my life (4 awesome times), and never cooked it. This page fell into my lap thanks to twitter. (@ The Word O’ Wheaton)

Pomegranate Wild Rice Salad There was just something about this dish that caught my eye. Oh yea. It was probably the amazing colors and photos! Also, I’m kind of on a pomegranate kick right now so this was right up my alley. It’s a rainy day in DC today and I want to curl up with some bad television and a big bowl of this. (@ The Summer Tree Cafe)

Secretary of FoodNicholas Kristof wrote a fantastic opinion in the NY Times yesterday about the need to have someone in the administration who is a reformer when it comes to food. Not agriculture, but food. He suggests renaming the position to show a shift in ideology. Not a bad suggestion Sir. (@ NY Times)

The Blog Envy Slideshow Bon Appétit put out 24 food blogs that are top notch. It’s cool. I’m not jealous or anything. Ok. Maybe a little bit. But at least they didn’t pick any stupid blogs. All of them are really good and you should do yourself a favor and swing over there.

Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for an awesome breakfast sandwich recipe from, well, Bon Appétit. I’m trying to get in their good graces you see…

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