Around the Internet Kitchen: New Family Member


Around the Internet Kitchen: New Family Member

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No Mom. We are not having a kid. But we might get a cat this weekend! I say might because it appears to be harder for two twenty somethings to get a cat from a legit shelter than it would be for us to get a mortgage.

We applied for a cute black kitten last weekend and hopefully we will get “approved” as acceptable parents. We picked the black one because the shelter people told us that nobody ever takes black kittens. How sad is that?!

After a two page application, a 30 minute phone interview, and a lie detector test (not really) we will hopefully be approved to take home our kitty sometime today.

I’ll hopefully be able to post some photos of Tipsy (That’s her name. We aren’t changing it.) next week. The photo on the right is of an impostor Tipsy.

Now for some links!

Reinhart on Bread – I’ve linked to some of the TED talks before. I really find them interesting. Peter Reinhart is a fantastic baker and teacher. He is very enthusiastic on the subject of baking. Sometimes he ventures a bit to far in the spiritual world for me, but this is very entertaining and educational. (@ Ted. Thanks @petebakes for the link.)

‘Losers’ Start from Scratch – I somehow managed to publish my brief post on the importance of “The Middle Class Cook” on the same day that the New York Times published a long article on how none of the Biggest Loser contestants knew how to cook healthy food. Just goes to show how there is really an issue with cooking education in the world right now. (@ NY Times)

Gourmet’s Favorite Cookies – Gourmet Magazine published a really cool interactive page with their favorite cookies of the last 68 years on it. There have been some really wild cookies in the past. I would say only about half of them look like something I would want to eat. (@ Gourmet)

Fennel-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin – When I made this last weekend, I literally flipped a coin to decide between the pork rib roast or the fennel-rubbed tenderloin. Both look amazing. I’m glad I got to see an example of this dish also. (@ The Bitten Word)

Red Velvet Cupcakes – Nicole, who runs one of my favorite blogs, has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but came back with a bang with these guys. Beautiful and perfect for the upcoming lover’s day. (@ Pinch My Salt)

Everyone have a good weekend and stay warm!

Photo by billadler.

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  1. Congrats on the (hopefully) new addition to the family! I applaud you for taking home the “unwanted” black kitten. When I adopted my first cat, Molson, he was a sweet grey adult cat who had been sitting in the shelter for FIVE MONTHS. Apparently the adults also don’t get much love.

  2. Having just adopted (kittens, not a child) I can empathise with the process. The government have nothing on me compared to the Blue Cross Cats’ Home

  3. Awww… is that true about people not taking black cats? We have two, Zoe and Zephyr (sisters). They are the most loving cats I've ever known. We've decided they must be mostly Bombay, a very sweet breed "designed" to look like mini-panthers.

    How's it going with your new fur-baby? Hope you have the same loving experience as we have every day with our Z-girls.

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