Around the Internet Kitchen: Nashvegas


Around the Internet Kitchen: Nashvegas

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I’m flying to Nashville, TN today for a wedding. I really like Nashville. Brings me back to my country roots. Also, I generally like social events at which I have no obligations other than eating and drinking.

The guaranteed good music is just an added bonus.

While I’m partying my socks off, you should vote for what you want on Macheesmo next week!

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Now for some links!

Restricting Antibiotics in FoodThis hasn’t been getting any press lately due to other major political items like health care but I found it really interesting that the Obama people are trying to push this through. I think it’s generally a good idea as long as they can guarantee no decrease in food quality. The food industry of course says that food quality will suffer, but I’m not sure I buy their argument given that they can still give antibiotics to sick animals, just not every animal. (@ NY Times)

Blogger Boggle: FMK – This is sort of self promotion but I participated in a fun version of celebrity FMK this week. Maybe not kid or work appropriate, but if you want a good laugh, some of the answers are pretty funny. Their are some good comments also. If you don’t know what FMK stands for, then maybe just don’t click the link. Or do. (@ Endless Simmer)

Stop Putting Bacon on Your Burger!Whoa. Some would consider this blasphemy, but in reality I sort of agree. If you have a good burger, it can be ruined by bad bacon and also a good burger doesn’t really need bacon. If you had a bad burger then bacon helps, but why would you want a bad burger to begin with? Solid argument! (@ So Good)

Happy weekend everybody!

Photo by afagen.

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