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Around the Internet Kitchen – Mawidge

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If you’re an even somewhat regular Macheesmo reader, you probably know that I’m getting hitched to a very special lady friend. Turns out that day is rapidly approaching. Also, turns out planning a wedding is kind of stressful even though we are trying very (VERY) hard to keep it low key and stress free.

One of the larger items, invitations, was just crossed off the list last weekend. We decided to go a non-traditional route and just send out postcards with all the necessary info. Save on paper and postage and all that business.

Plus I got to flex some of my design muscles. I honestly do not want to admit how long it took me to design the front of the postcard because, ya know, it’s supposed to symbolize our love or something so it better be freakin‘ good.

Anyway, I thought I’d share it with all of you because I thought it turned out pretty cool.

There’s no poll this week because I’m determined to tackle spanakopita again after my failure. SO check back on Thursday for a hopefully successful spanakopita recipe.

There are some links though!

Why I Write About Food – This is an interesting article that addresses an argument I hear occasionally. The argument is that with all the horrible things going on in the world (Haiti for example) why are you wasting time writing about food? I think Ruth does a good job addressing that argument. (@ Ruth Reichl)

24 Hours in Nashville – Well, actually just under 24 hours in Nashville, but whatever. I liked this post because the already mentioned wedding will be happening in Nashville because that’s where Betsy is from. I must say that over the last few years, visiting her family there and stuff, I’ve really fallen for Nashville. I think it’s a great city. (@ Food Loves Writing)

The Baked Egg – This idea just furthered the idea that I need some mini-ramekins. I mean come one. An egg topped with various delicious topping and baked but still runny on the inside! (@ Pete Bakes)

Salt. Good or Bad – This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the salt debate. With some exceptions, most people can eat salt with lots of foods. The real salt problem comes with processed foods which hides the taste of salt so your body doesn’t know it’s getting salt… so it’s easy to overdose on the stuff. Just eat real food and put salt on it until it tastes good. Problem solved. (@ Ruhlman)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. How cool and very exciting! We just celebrated our 21st Wedding Anniversary this past November (we have been together 26 years).

  2. I thought it looked like you and B. had been photoshopped on the bridge! I mean you don't ever leave your kitchen, right? Well I got my card and it looks great. Miss you two!!

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. May it be a long and a very happy one!

    My hubby and I just celebrated 35 years together as of Jan 18.

  4. I also made our wedding invitations. In the end, we made a photo of us after my wife accepted my proposal in B&W. We then printed the details inside. The cost? About 160$, including the new printer I had to buy. I say your postcard will be treasured more than the traditional invites.

    Good on you Nick! Now get started on the Beaubinieres! Trust me on that. LOL

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